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A open-source platform for online course-based learning and education.


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System Requirements


See requirements.txt for more information.

Build Instructions


For Linux and OSX users, run these commands:

  1. First clone the project locally and then go into the directory

    $ git clone 
    $ cd py-academicstoday
  2. Setup our virtual environment

    $ python3 -m venv env
    $ virtualenv env
  3. Now lets activate virtual environment

    $ source env/bin/activate
  4. OSX USERS ONLY: If you are using ‘’, you’ll need to have pg_config setup in your $PATH. If you already have set this up, skip this step, else simply run this command in the console to set the path manually.

    $ export PATH="/Applications/$PATH"
  5. Now lets install the libraries this project depends on.

    $ pip install -r requirements.txt


We are almost done! Just follow these instructions and the database will be setup for the application to use.

  1. Load up your postgres and enter the console. Then to create our database, enter:

    # create database academicstoday_db;
  2. To confirm it was created, run this line, you should see the database in the output

    # \l
  3. Enter the database

    # \c academicstoday_db
  4. If you haven’t created an administrator for your previous projects, create one now by entering:

    # CREATE USER django WITH PASSWORD '123password';
    # GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE academicstoday_db to django;
  5. Your database "academicstoday_db" is now setup with an admin user account "django" using the passowrd "123password”.

Application + Database

Run the following command to create your custom settings instance. Note: Please write all your application passwords here as it won't be tracked on git.

  $ cd academicstoday_project/academicstoday_project
  $ cp

Run the following commands to populate the database.

  $ cd ../academicstoday_project
  $ python makemigrations
  $ python migrate 
  $ python setup_academicstoday


To run the web-app, you’ll need to run the server instance and access the page from your browser.

Start up the web-server:

  $ cd academicstoday_project
  $ python runserver

In your web-browser, load up the following url

Congratulations, you are all setup to run the web-app! Have fun coding!


This web-app is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. See for more information.