from django import template
from django.core.exceptions import PermissionDenied, ObjectDoesNotExist
from django.db import models, transaction
from django.forms.models import modelform_factory
from django.http import Http404, HttpResponse
from django.utils.encoding import force_text, smart_text
from django.utils.html import escape, conditional_escape
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _
from xadmin.plugins.ajax import JsonErrorDict
from xadmin.sites import site
from xadmin.util import lookup_field, display_for_field, label_for_field, unquote, boolean_icon
from xadmin.views import BaseAdminPlugin, ModelFormAdminView, ListAdminView
from xadmin.views.base import csrf_protect_m, filter_hook
from xadmin.views.edit import ModelFormAdminUtil
from xadmin.views.list import EMPTY_CHANGELIST_VALUE
from xadmin.layout import FormHelper

class EditablePlugin(BaseAdminPlugin):

    list_editable = []

    def __init__(self, admin_view):
        super(EditablePlugin, self).__init__(admin_view)
        self.editable_need_fields = {}

    def init_request(self, *args, **kwargs):
        active = bool(self.request.method == 'GET' and self.admin_view.has_change_permission() and self.list_editable)
        if active:
            self.model_form = self.get_model_view(ModelFormAdminUtil, self.model).form_obj
        return active

    def result_item(self, item, obj, field_name, row):
        if self.list_editable and item.field and item.field.editable and (field_name in self.list_editable):            
            pk = getattr(obj,
            field_label = label_for_field(field_name, obj,

            item.wraps.insert(0, '<span class="editable-field">%s</span>')
                '<a class="editable-handler" title="%s" data-editable-field="%s" data-editable-loadurl="%s">' +
                '<i class="fa fa-edit"></i></a>') %
                (_(u"Enter %s") % field_label, field_name, self.admin_view.model_admin_url('patch', pk) + '?fields=' + field_name))

            if field_name not in self.editable_need_fields:
                self.editable_need_fields[field_name] = item.field
        return item

    # Media
    def get_media(self, media):
        if self.editable_need_fields:
            media = media + + \
                    'xadmin.plugin.editable.js', 'xadmin.widget.editable.css')
        return media

class EditPatchView(ModelFormAdminView, ListAdminView):

    def init_request(self, object_id, *args, **kwargs):
        self.org_obj = self.get_object(unquote(object_id))

        # For list view get new field display html
        self.pk_attname =

        if not self.has_change_permission(self.org_obj):
            raise PermissionDenied

        if self.org_obj is None:
            raise Http404(_('%(name)s object with primary key %(key)r does not exist.') %
                          {'name': force_text(self.opts.verbose_name), 'key': escape(object_id)})

    def get_new_field_html(self, f):
        result = self.result_item(self.org_obj, f, {'is_display_first':
                                  False, 'object': self.org_obj})
        return mark_safe(result.text) if result.allow_tags else conditional_escape(result.text)

    def _get_new_field_html(self, field_name):
            f, attr, value = lookup_field(field_name, self.org_obj, self)
        except (AttributeError, ObjectDoesNotExist):
            return EMPTY_CHANGELIST_VALUE
            allow_tags = False
            if f is None:
                allow_tags = getattr(attr, 'allow_tags', False)
                boolean = getattr(attr, 'boolean', False)
                if boolean:
                    allow_tags = True
                    text = boolean_icon(value)
                    text = smart_text(value)
                if isinstance(f.rel, models.ManyToOneRel):
                    field_val = getattr(self.org_obj,
                    if field_val is None:
                        text = EMPTY_CHANGELIST_VALUE
                        text = field_val
                    text = display_for_field(value, f)
            return mark_safe(text) if allow_tags else conditional_escape(text)

    def get(self, request, object_id):
        model_fields = [ for f in self.opts.fields]
        fields = [f for f in request.GET['fields'].split(',') if f in model_fields]
        defaults = {
            "form": self.form,
            "fields": fields,
            "formfield_callback": self.formfield_for_dbfield,
        form_class = modelform_factory(self.model, **defaults)
        form = form_class(instance=self.org_obj)

        helper = FormHelper()
        helper.form_tag = False
        helper.include_media = False
        form.helper = helper

        s = '{% load i18n crispy_forms_tags %}<form method="post" action="{{action_url}}">{% crispy form %}' + \
            '<button type="submit" class="btn btn-success btn-block btn-sm">{% trans "Apply" %}</button></form>'
        t = template.Template(s)
        c = template.Context({'form': form, 'action_url': self.model_admin_url('patch',})

        return HttpResponse(t.render(c))

    def post(self, request, object_id):
        model_fields = [ for f in self.opts.fields]
        fields = [f for f in request.POST.keys() if f in model_fields]
        defaults = {
            "form": self.form,
            "fields": fields,
            "formfield_callback": self.formfield_for_dbfield,
        form_class = modelform_factory(self.model, **defaults)
        form = form_class(
            instance=self.org_obj, data=request.POST, files=request.FILES)

        result = {}
        if form.is_valid():
            result['result'] = 'success'
            result['new_data'] = form.cleaned_data
            result['new_html'] = dict(
                [(f, self.get_new_field_html(f)) for f in fields])
            result['result'] = 'error'
            result['errors'] = JsonErrorDict(form.errors, form).as_json()

        return self.render_response(result)

site.register_plugin(EditablePlugin, ListAdminView)
site.register_modelview(r'^(.+)/patch/$', EditPatchView, name='%s_%s_patch')