from django.test import override_settings, TestCase

class SimpleTestCase(TestCase):
    Tests that the testing framework itself is setup appropiately

    def test_simple(self):
        Ensure the assert statements work as expected
        self.assertTrue(True, "True is not True?!")
        self.assertFalse(False, "False is not False?!")

    def test_imports(self):
        Ensure we can import uniauth + third party dependencies
        from uniauth.models import UserProfile
        from cas import CASClient
        import requests
        user = UserProfile()
        self.assertTrue(user is not None)

    def test_settings(self):
        Ensure the test settings module works as expected
        from django.conf import settings
        self.assertEqual(settings.LOGIN_URL, "/simple/login/")
        with self.settings(UNIAUTH_LOGIN_DISPLAY_STANDARD=False):