import os
import sys
sys.path.append(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "../"))
import argparse
import numpy as np
import chainer
from chainer import cuda
from chainer import optimizers
from chainer import serializers
import alex
from mlimages.gather.imagenet import ImagenetAPI
from mlimages.label import LabelingMachine
from import TrainingData
from mlimages.model import ImageProperty

DATA_DIR = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "./data/imagenet/")
IMAGES_ROOT = os.path.join(DATA_DIR, "./images")

LABEL_FILE = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "./data/imagenet/label.txt")
LABEL_DEF_FILE = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "./data/imagenet/label_def.txt")

MEAN_IMAGE_FILE = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "./data/imagenet/mean_image.png")
MODEL_FILE = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "./data/imagenet/chainer_alex.model")
IMAGE_PROP = ImageProperty(width=227, resize_by_downscale=True)

def download_imagenet(wnid, limit=-1):
    api = ImagenetAPI(data_root=DATA_DIR, limit=limit, debug=True)"start to gather the ImageNet images.")
    folders = api.gather(wnid, include_subset=True)

    # rename images root folder
    images_root = os.path.join(DATA_DIR, folders[0])
    os.rename(images_root, IMAGES_ROOT)
    print("Down load has done.")

def make_label():
    machine = LabelingMachine(data_root=IMAGES_ROOT)
    lf = machine.label_dir_auto(label_file=LABEL_FILE, label_def_file=LABEL_DEF_FILE)

def show(limit, shuffle=True):
    td = TrainingData(LABEL_FILE, img_root=IMAGES_ROOT, mean_image_file=MEAN_IMAGE_FILE, image_property=IMAGE_PROP)
    _limit = limit if limit > 0 else 5
    iterator = td.generate()
    if shuffle:
        import random
        shuffled = list(iterator)
        iterator = iter(shuffled)

    i = 0
    for arr, im in iterator:
        restored = td.data_to_image(arr, im.label, raw=True)
        i += 1
        if i >= _limit:

def train(epoch=10, batch_size=32, gpu=False):
    if gpu:
    xp = cuda.cupy if gpu else np

    td = TrainingData(LABEL_FILE, img_root=IMAGES_ROOT, image_property=IMAGE_PROP)

    # make mean image
    if not os.path.isfile(MEAN_IMAGE_FILE):
        print("make mean image...")
        td.mean_image_file = MEAN_IMAGE_FILE

    # train model
    label_def = LabelingMachine.read_label_def(LABEL_DEF_FILE)
    model = alex.Alex(len(label_def))
    optimizer = optimizers.MomentumSGD(lr=0.01, momentum=0.9)
    epoch = epoch
    batch_size = batch_size

    print("Now our model is {0} classification task.".format(len(label_def)))
    print("begin training the model. epoch:{0} batch size:{1}.".format(epoch, batch_size))

    if gpu:

    for i in range(epoch):
        print("epoch {0}/{1}: (learning rate={2})".format(i + 1, epoch,

        for x_batch, y_batch in td.generate_batches(batch_size):
            x = chainer.Variable(xp.asarray(x_batch))
            t = chainer.Variable(xp.asarray(y_batch))

            optimizer.update(model, x, t)
            print("loss: {0}, accuracy: {1}".format(float(, float(

        serializers.save_npz(MODEL_FILE, model) *= 0.97

def predict(limit):
    _limit = limit if limit > 0 else 5

    td = TrainingData(LABEL_FILE, img_root=IMAGES_ROOT, mean_image_file=MEAN_IMAGE_FILE, image_property=IMAGE_PROP)
    label_def = LabelingMachine.read_label_def(LABEL_DEF_FILE)
    model = alex.Alex(len(label_def))
    serializers.load_npz(MODEL_FILE, model)

    i = 0
    for arr, im in td.generate():
        x = np.ndarray((1,) + arr.shape, arr.dtype)
        x[0] = arr
        x = chainer.Variable(np.asarray(x), volatile="on")
        y = model.predict(x)
        p = np.argmax(
        print("predict {0}, actual {1}".format(label_def[p], label_def[im.label]))
        i += 1
        if i >= _limit:

if __name__ == "__main__":
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Example of Imagenet x AlexNet")
    parser.add_argument("task", type=str, help="task of script. " + "".join([
        "g: gather images", "l: make label file", "s: show training images (shuffle data when 'ss')",
        "t: train model", "p: predict"
    parser.add_argument("-wnid", type=str, help="imagenet id (default is cats(n02121808))", default="n02121808")
    parser.add_argument("-limit", type=int, help="g: download image limit, s,p: show/predict image limit", default=-1)
    parser.add_argument("-epoch", type=int, help="when t: epoch count", default=10)
    parser.add_argument("-batchsize", type=int, help="when t: batch size", default=32)
    parser.add_argument("-gpu", action="store_true", help="when t: use gpu")

    args = parser.parse_args()

    if args.task == "g":
        download_imagenet(args.wnid, args.limit)
    elif args.task == "l":
        print("create label data automatically.")
    elif args.task == "s":
        show(args.limit, shuffle=False)
    elif args.task == "ss":
        show(args.limit, shuffle=True)
    elif args.task == "t":
        train(epoch=args.epoch, batch_size=args.batchsize, gpu=args.gpu)
    elif args.task == "p":