import numpy as np
from numpy import ndarray
from sklearn.cluster import KMeans
from sklearn.mixture import GaussianMixture
from sklearn.decomposition import PCA
from typing import List

class ClusterFeatures(object):
    Basic handling of clustering features.

    def __init__(
        features: ndarray,
        algorithm: str = 'kmeans',
        pca_k: int = None,
        random_state: int = 12345
        :param features: the embedding matrix created by bert parent
        :param algorithm: Which clustering algorithm to use
        :param pca_k: If you want the features to be ran through pca, this is the components number
        :param random_state: Random state

        if pca_k:
            self.features = PCA(n_components=pca_k).fit_transform(features)
            self.features = features

        self.algorithm = algorithm
        self.pca_k = pca_k
        self.random_state = random_state

    def __get_model(self, k: int):
        Retrieve clustering model

        :param k: amount of clusters
        :return: Clustering model


        if self.algorithm == 'gmm':
            return GaussianMixture(n_components=k, random_state=self.random_state)
        return KMeans(n_clusters=k, random_state=self.random_state)

    def __get_centroids(self, model):
        Retrieve centroids of model
        :param model: Clustering model
        :return: Centroids

        if self.algorithm == 'gmm':
            return model.means_
        return model.cluster_centers_

    def __find_closest_args(self, centroids: np.ndarray):
        Find the closest arguments to centroid
        :param centroids: Centroids to find closest
        :return: Closest arguments

        centroid_min = 1e10
        cur_arg = -1
        args = {}
        used_idx = []

        for j, centroid in enumerate(centroids):

            for i, feature in enumerate(self.features):
                value = np.linalg.norm(feature - centroid)

                if value < centroid_min and i not in used_idx:
                    cur_arg = i
                    centroid_min = value

            args[j] = cur_arg
            centroid_min = 1e10
            cur_arg = -1

        return args

    def cluster(self, ratio: float = 0.1) -> List[int]:
        Clusters sentences based on the ratio
        :param ratio: Ratio to use for clustering
        :return: Sentences index that qualify for summary

        k = 1 if ratio * len(self.features) < 1 else int(len(self.features) * ratio)
        model = self.__get_model(k).fit(self.features)
        centroids = self.__get_centroids(model)
        cluster_args = self.__find_closest_args(centroids)
        sorted_values = sorted(cluster_args.values())
        return sorted_values

    def __call__(self, ratio: float = 0.1) -> List[int]:
        return self.cluster(ratio)