# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
#   Copyright 2017-18 Nick Boultbee
#   This file is part of squeeze-alexa.
#   squeeze-alexa is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
#   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
#   the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
#   (at your option) any later version.
#   See LICENSE for full license

from __future__ import print_function

import random
import time
import warnings
from typing import Iterable

from squeezealexa.alexa.handlers import AlexaHandler, IntentHandler
from squeezealexa.alexa.intents import *
from squeezealexa.alexa.response import audio_response, speech_response, \
from squeezealexa.alexa.utterances import Utterances
from squeezealexa.i18n import _
from squeezealexa.squeezebox.server import Server, print_d, people_from
from squeezealexa.utils import human_join, sanitise_text

with warnings.catch_warnings():
    # The warning's not helpful - see Issue #105
    from fuzzywuzzy import process

class MinConfidences(object):
    PLAYER = 85
    GENRE = 85
    MULTI_GENRE = 90
    PLAYLIST = 60


handler = IntentHandler()

class SqueezeAlexa(AlexaHandler):
    _audio_touched = 0

    def __init__(self, server: Server, app_id=None):
        super(SqueezeAlexa, self).__init__(app_id)
        self._server = server

    def handle(self, event, context=None):
        request = event['request']
        req_type = request['type']
        if req_type.startswith('AudioPlayer'):
            print_d("Ignoring {type} callback {id}",
                    type=request['type'], id=request['requestId'])
            return _build_response({})
        return super(SqueezeAlexa, self).handle(event, context)

    def on_session_started(self, request, session):
        print_d("Starting new session {session} for request {request}",
                session=session['sessionId'], request=request['requestId'])

    def on_launch(self, launch_request, session):

        print_d("Entering interactive mode for sessionId={id}",
        speech_output = _("Squeezebox is online. Please try some commands.")
        reprompt_text = _("Try resume, pause, next, previous, play some jazz, "
                          "or ask Squeezebox to turn it up or down")
        return speech_response("Welcome", speech_output, reprompt_text,

    def on_intent(self, intent_request, session):
        intent = intent_request['intent']
        intent_name = intent['name']
        pid = self.player_id_from(intent)
        print_d("Received {intent_name}: {intent} (for player {pid})",

        intent_handler = handler.for_name(intent_name)
        if intent_handler:
            return intent_handler(self, intent, session, pid=pid)
        speech = _("Sorry, I don't know how to process a \"{intent}\"").format(
        text = _("Unknown intent: '{intent}'").format(intent=intent_name)
        return self.smart_response(speech=speech, text=text)

    def on_resume(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        return audio_response()

    def on_pause(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        return audio_response()

    def on_previous(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        return self.smart_response(speech=_("Rewind!"))

    def on_next(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        return self.smart_response(speech=_("Yep, pretty lame."))

    def now_playing(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        details = self._server.get_track_details(player_id=pid)
        title = details.get('title', [None])[0]
        artists = people_from(details)
        if title:
            desc = _("Currently playing: \"{title}\"").format(title=title)
            if artists:
                desc += _(", by {artists}.").format(
            heading = _("Now playing: \"{title}\"").format(title=title)
            desc = _("Nothing playing.")
            heading = None
        return self.smart_response(text=heading, speech=desc)

    def on_set_vol(self, intent, session, pid=None):
            vol = float(intent['slots']['Volume']['value'])
            print_d("Extracted volume slot: {vol:1f}", vol=vol)
        except KeyError:
            print_d("Couldn't process volume from: {intent}", intent=intent)
            desc = _("Select a volume value between 0 and 10")
            heading = _("Invalid volume value")
            return self.smart_response(text=heading, speech=desc)
        if (vol > 10) or (vol < 0):
            desc = _("Select a volume value between 0 and 10")
            heading = _("Volume value out of range: {volume}").format(
            return self.smart_response(text=heading, speech=desc)
        self._server.set_volume(vol * 10, pid)
        desc = "OK"
        vol_out = vol if (vol != int(vol)) else int(vol)
        heading = _("Set volume to {volume}").format(volume=vol_out)
        return self.smart_response(text=heading,

    def on_set_vol_percent(self, intent, session, pid=None):
            vol = int(float(intent['slots']['Volume']['value']))
            print_d("Extracted volume slot: {volume}", volume=vol)
        except KeyError:
            print_d("Couldn't process volume value from: {intent}",
            desc = _("Select a volume between 0 and 100 percent")
            heading = _("Invalid volume")
            return self.smart_response(text=heading, speech=desc)
        if (vol > 100) or (vol < 0):
            desc = _("Select a volume value between 0 and 100 percent")
            heading = _("Volume value out of range: {volume} percent").format(
            return self.smart_response(text=heading, speech=desc)
        self._server.set_volume(vol, pid)
        desc = _("OK")
        heading = _("Set volume to {percent} percent").format(percent=vol)
        return self.smart_response(text=heading, speech=desc)

    def on_inc_vol(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        self._server.change_volume(+12.5, player_id=pid)
        return self.smart_response(text=_("Increase Volume"),
                                   speech=_("Pumped it up."))

    def on_dec_vol(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        self._server.change_volume(-12.5, player_id=pid)
        return self.smart_response(text=_("Decrease Volume"),
                                   speech=_("OK, quieter now."))

    def on_select_player(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        srv = self._server

        # Do it again, yes, but not defaulting this time.
        pid = self.player_id_from(intent, defaulting=False)
        if pid:
            player = srv.players[pid]
            srv.cur_player_id = player.id
            text = _("Selected {player}").format(player=player.name)
            title = _("Selected player {player}").format(player=player)
            return speech_response(title=title, speech=text,
                                   store={"player_id": pid})
        speech = (_("I only found these players: {players}. "
                    "Could you try again?")
        reprompt = (_("You can select a player by saying \"{utterance}\" "
                      "and then the player name.")
            player = intent['slots']['Player']['value']
            title = (_("No player called \"{name}\"").format(name=player))
        except KeyError:
            title = "Didn't recognise a player name"
        return speech_response(title, speech, reprompt_text=reprompt,

    def on_shuffle_on(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        self._server.set_shuffle(True, player_id=pid)
        return self.smart_response(text=_("Shuffle on"),
                                   speech=_("Shuffle is now on"))

    def on_shuffle_off(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        self._server.set_shuffle(False, player_id=pid)
        return self.smart_response(text=_("Shuffle off"),
                                   speech=_("Shuffle is now off"))

    def on_loop_on(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        self._server.set_repeat(True, player_id=pid)
        return self.smart_response(text=_("Repeat on"),
                                   speech=_("Repeat is now on"))

    def on_loop_off(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        self._server.set_repeat(False, player_id=pid)
        return self.smart_response(text=_("Repeat Off"),
                                   speech=_("Repeat is now off"))

    def on_player_off(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        if not pid:
            return self.on_all_off(intent, session)
        server = self._server
        server.set_power(on=False, player_id=pid)
        player = server.players[pid]
        text = _("Switched {player} off").format(player=player.name)
        speech = _("{player} is now off").format(player=player.name)
        return self.smart_response(title=text, text=text, speech=speech)

    def on_player_on(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        if not pid:
            return self.on_all_on(intent, session)
        server = self._server
        server.set_power(on=True, player_id=pid)
        player = server.players[pid]
        speech = "{player} is now on".format(player=player.name)
        if server.cur_player_id != pid:
            speech += ", and is selected."
        server.cur_player_id = pid
        text = _("Switched {player} on").format(player=player.name)
        return self.smart_response(title=text, text=text, speech=speech)

    def on_all_off(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        return self.smart_response(text=_("Players all off"),

    def on_all_on(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        return self.smart_response(text=_("All On."),
                                   speech=_("Ready to rock"))

    def on_play_playlist(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        server = self._server
            slot = intent['slots']['Playlist']['value']
            print_d("Extracted playlist slot: {slot}", slot=slot)
        except KeyError:
            print_d("Couldn't process playlist from: {intent}", intent=intent)
            if not server.playlists:
                return speech_response(speech=_("There are no playlists"))
            pl = random.choice(server.playlists)
            text = _("Didn't hear a playlist there. "
                     "You could try the \"{name}\" playlist?").format(name=pl)
            return speech_response(speech=text)
            if not server.playlists:
                return speech_response(
                    speech=_("No Squeezebox playlists found"))
            result = process.extractOne(slot, server.playlists)
            print_d("{guess} was the best guess for '{slot}' from {choices}",
                    guess=str(result), slot=slot, choices=server.playlists)
            if result and int(result[1]) >= MinConfidences.PLAYLIST:
                pl = result[0]
                server.playlist_resume(pl, player_id=pid)
                name = sanitise_text(pl)
                return self.smart_response(
                    speech=_("Playing \"{name}\" playlist").format(name=name),
                    text=_("Playing \"{name}\" playlist").format(name=name))
            pl = random.choice(server.playlists)
            title = (_("Couldn't find a playlist matching \"{name}\".")
            extra = (_("How about the \"{suggestion}\" playlist?")
            return speech_response(title=title, text=extra,
                                   speech=title + extra)

    def on_play_random_mix(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        server = self._server
            slots = [v.get('value') for k, v in intent['slots'].items()
                     if k.endswith('Genre')]
            print_d("Extracted genre slots: {slots}", slots=slots)
        except KeyError:
            print_d("Couldn't process genres from: {intent}", intent=intent)
            lms_genres = self._genres_from_slots(slots, server.genres)
            if lms_genres:
                server.play_genres(lms_genres, player_id=pid)
                gs = human_join(sanitise_text(g) for g in lms_genres)
                text = _("Playing mix of {genres}").format(genres=gs)
                return self.smart_response(text=text, speech=text)
                genres_text = human_join(slots, _("or"))
                text = _("Don't understand requested genres {genres}").format(
                speech = _("Can't find genres: {genres}").format(
                return self.smart_response(text=text, speech=speech)
        err_text = "Don't understand intent '{intent}'".format(intent=intent)
        raise ValueError(err_text)

    def _genres_from_slots(self, slots: Iterable[str], genres: Iterable[str]):
        def genres_from(g):
            if not g:
                return set()
            res = process.extract(g, genres)[:MAX_GUESSES_PER_SLOT]
            print_d("Raw genre results: {data}", data=res)
            for g, c in res:
                # Exact(ish) matches shouldn't allow other genres
                if c > MinConfidences.SINGLE_GENRE:
                    return {g}
            return {g for g, c in res
                    if g and int(c) >= MinConfidences.MULTI_GENRE}

        # Grr where's my foldl
        results = set()
        for slot in slots:
            results |= genres_from(slot)
        return results

    def on_help(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        return self.on_launch(intent, session)

    def on_stop(self, intent, session, pid=None):
        return self.on_session_ended(intent, session)

    def player_id_from(self, intent, defaulting=True):
        srv = self._server
            player_name = intent['slots']['Player']['value']
        except KeyError:
            by_name = {s.name: s for s in srv.players.values()}
            choices = by_name.keys()
            result = process.extractOne(player_name, choices)
            print_d("{guess} was the best guess for '{value}' from {choices}",
                    guess=result, value=player_name, choices=set(choices))
            if result and int(result[1]) >= MinConfidences.PLAYER:
                return by_name.get(result[0]).id
        return srv.cur_player_id if defaulting else None

    def on_session_ended(self, intent, session):
        print_d("Session {id} ended", id=session['sessionId'])
        speech_output = _("Hasta la vista. Baby.")
        return speech_response("Session Ended", speech_output, end=True)

    def touch_audio(cls, ts=None):
        cls._audio_touched = ts or time.time()

    def audio_enabled(self):
        return (time.time() - self._audio_touched) < AUDIO_TIMEOUT_SECS

    def smart_response(self, title=None, text=None, speech=None):
        if self.audio_enabled:
            return speech_response(title=title or text, speech=speech)
        return audio_response(speech=speech, text=text, title=title)