# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from google.appengine.api.mail import EmailMessage

from util.email import get_name_and_email
import config
import logic.secret

if config.EMAIL_BACKEND == 'sendgrid':
    # a bit of a hack here so that we can avoid adding dependencies unless
    # the user wants them
    import sendgrid

def send_appengine_email(sender, recipient, subject, body_html, body_text):
    email = EmailMessage()
    email.sender = sender
    email.to = recipient
    email.subject = subject
    email.body = body_text
    email.html = body_html

def send_sendgrid_email(sender, recipient, subject, body_html, body_text):
    key = logic.secret.get_secret('SENDGRID_API_KEY')
    sg = sendgrid.SendGridAPIClient(apikey=key)

    from_ = sendgrid.helpers.mail.Email(*get_name_and_email(sender))
    to = sendgrid.helpers.mail.Email(*get_name_and_email(recipient))
    content_html = sendgrid.helpers.mail.Content('text/html', body_html)
    content_text = sendgrid.helpers.mail.Content('text/plain', body_text)
    # text/plain needs to be before text/html or sendgrid gets mad
    message = sendgrid.helpers.mail.Mail(from_, subject, to, content_text)


    'appengine': send_appengine_email,
    'sendgrid': send_sendgrid_email,

def send_email(sender, recipient, subject, body_html, body_text):
    """Send an email using whatever configured backend there is.
    sender, recipient - email address, can be bare, or in the
        Name <address@example.com> format
    subject - string
    body_html - string
    body_text - string
    backend = EMAIL_BACKENDS[config.EMAIL_BACKEND]
    backend(sender, recipient, subject, body_html, body_text)