luxon#Info JavaScript Examples

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Example #1
Source File: calendar.js    From jc-calendar with MIT License 6 votes vote down vote up
 * Returns long, short, and narrow weekdays descriptions for the current `APP_LOCALE`.
export function getWeekdaysDescriptions() {
  const config = { locale: APP_LOCALE };
  const long = Info.weekdaysFormat('long', config);
  const short = Info.weekdaysFormat('short', config);
  const narrow = Info.weekdaysFormat('narrow', config);

  const weekDays = Array(DAYS_IN_A_WEEK)
    .map((_, weekDayIndex) => {
      return {
        long: long[weekDayIndex],
        short: short[weekDayIndex],
        narrow: narrow[weekDayIndex],

  // luxon only return ISO weekdays order,
  // and we want Sunday to be the first day.
  return [
    weekDays[DAYS_IN_A_WEEK - 1],
    ...weekDays.slice(0, DAYS_IN_A_WEEK - 1),