react-bootstrap#ModalBody JavaScript Examples

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Example #1
Source File: index.jsx    From nightfall_3 with Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal 4 votes vote down vote up
TransferModal = ({ show, handleClose, transferValue, txType, triggerTx, setReadyTx }) => {
  return (
    <Modal contentClassName="modalFather" show={show} onHide={handleClose}>
      <Modal.Header closeButton>
        <div className="modalTitle">Confirm transaction</div>
          <div className="tokenDetails">
            <div className="tokenDetails__img">
              <img src={matic} alt="Token" />
            <TokenDetailsVal id="Bridge_modal_tokenAmount">

          {/* Buttons */}
                <span>{txType === 'deposit' ? 'Ethereum Mainnet' : 'Polygon Nightfall L2'}</span>
              <MdArrowForwardIos />
                <span>{txType === 'deposit' ? 'Polygon Nightfall L2' : 'Ethereum Mainnet'}</span>
          <Divider />
              <TransferModeTitleMain>Transfer Mode</TransferModeTitleMain>
                {txType === 'deposit' ? 'On-Chain' : 'Direct Transfer'}
              <span>Transfer security is provided by the Ethereum miners.</span>
                {' '}
                To minimise the risk of chain reorganisations, your transfer will wait for{' '}
              <span className="text-primary"> 12 block confirmations</span> before being finalised.
          <Divider />
              <EstimationFeeTitleMain>Estimated Nightfall Fee</EstimationFeeTitleMain>
            {txType === 'withdraw' ||
            (txType === 'deposit' &&
              ethereum.chainId === ChainIdMapping[process.env.REACT_APP_MODE].chainId) ? (
                onClick={async () => {
                  setReadyTx(await triggerTx());
                Create Transaction
            ) : (
                style={{ backgroundColor: 'grey' }}
                onClick={() => {
                  return ethereum.request({
                    method: 'wallet_switchEthereumChain',
                    params: [{ chainId: ChainIdMapping[process.env.REACT_APP_MODE].chainId }], // chainId must be in hexadecimal numbers
                Switch to {ChainIdMapping[process.env.REACT_APP_MODE].chainName} For Deposits.