Java Code Examples for org.elasticsearch.common.logging.ESLogger#setLevel()

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Example 1
Source Project: Elasticsearch   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
protected void doStart() throws ElasticsearchException {"BlobService.doStart() {}", this);

    // suppress warning about replaced recovery handler
    ESLogger transportServiceLogger = Loggers.getLogger(TransportService.class);
    String previousLevel = transportServiceLogger.getLevel();

    // validate the optional blob path setting
    String globalBlobPathPrefix = settings.get(BlobEnvironment.SETTING_BLOBS_PATH);
    if (globalBlobPathPrefix != null) {
        blobEnvironment.blobsPath(new File(globalBlobPathPrefix));


    // by default the http server is started after the discovery service.
    // For the BlobService this is too late.

    // The HttpServer has to be started before so that the boundAddress
    // can be added to DiscoveryNodes - this is required for the redirect logic.
    if (settings.getAsBoolean("http.enabled", true)) {
    } else {
        logger.warn("Http server should be enabled for blob support");
Example 2
Source Project: Elasticsearch   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
 * Build with the specified loggers. Only used to testing.
IndexingSlowLog(Settings indexSettings, ESLogger indexLogger, ESLogger deleteLogger) {
    this.indexLogger = indexLogger;
    this.deleteLogger = deleteLogger;
    this.reformat = indexSettings.getAsBoolean(INDEX_INDEXING_SLOWLOG_REFORMAT, true);
    this.indexWarnThreshold = indexSettings.getAsTime(INDEX_INDEXING_SLOWLOG_THRESHOLD_INDEX_WARN, TimeValue.timeValueNanos(-1)).nanos();
    this.indexInfoThreshold = indexSettings.getAsTime(INDEX_INDEXING_SLOWLOG_THRESHOLD_INDEX_INFO, TimeValue.timeValueNanos(-1)).nanos();
    this.indexDebugThreshold = indexSettings.getAsTime(INDEX_INDEXING_SLOWLOG_THRESHOLD_INDEX_DEBUG, TimeValue.timeValueNanos(-1)).nanos();
    this.indexTraceThreshold = indexSettings.getAsTime(INDEX_INDEXING_SLOWLOG_THRESHOLD_INDEX_TRACE, TimeValue.timeValueNanos(-1)).nanos();
    this.level = indexSettings.get(INDEX_INDEXING_SLOWLOG_LEVEL, "TRACE").toUpperCase(Locale.ROOT);
    this.maxSourceCharsToLog = readSourceToLog(indexSettings);