Java Code Examples for org.eclipse.text.edits.ReplaceEdit#getLength()

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Example 1
 * This method makes sure that no changes are applied (no dirty state), if there are no changes. This fixes bug
 * GHOLD-272
public void format(IDocument document, IRegion region) {
	IXtextDocument doc = (IXtextDocument) document;
	TextEdit e = doc.priorityReadOnly(new FormattingUnitOfWork(doc, region));

	if (e == null)
	if (e instanceof ReplaceEdit) {
		ReplaceEdit r = (ReplaceEdit) e;
		if ((r.getOffset() == 0) && (r.getLength() == 0) && (r.getText().isEmpty())) {
	try {
	} catch (BadLocationException ex) {
		throw new RuntimeException(ex);

Example 2
public boolean visit(ReplaceEdit edit) {
	if (edit.getLength() > 0)
		return rangeAdded(edit);
	return rangeRemoved(edit);