Java Code Examples for zxing.utils.CaptureActivityHandler

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Example 1
Source Project: Gizwits-SmartSocket_Android   Source File:    License: MIT License 6 votes vote down vote up
 * A valid barcode has been found, so give an indication of success and show
 * the results.
 * @param rawResult
 *            The contents of the barcode.
 * @param bundle
 *            The extras
public void handleDecode(Result rawResult, Bundle bundle) {
	String text = rawResult.getText();
	Log.i("test", text);
	if (text.contains("product_key=") & text.contains("did=")
			&& text.contains("passcode=")) {

		product_key = getParamFomeUrl(text, "product_key");
		did = getParamFomeUrl(text, "did");
		passcode = getParamFomeUrl(text, "passcode");
		Log.i("passcode product_key did", passcode + " " + product_key
				+ " " + did);
		ToastUtils.showShort(this, "扫码成功");

	} else {
		handler = new CaptureActivityHandler(this, cameraManager,