Java Code Examples for spoon.reflect.code.CtThisAccess

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Example 1
Source Project: astor   Source File:    License: GNU General Public License v2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
public static InvocationMatching mapImplicitInvocation(CtClass ctClassMP, CtAbstractInvocation inv0) {
	if (inv0 instanceof CtInvocation) {
		CtInvocation invocation0 = (CtInvocation) inv0;

		CtExpression tpr = invocation0.getTarget();
		if (tpr instanceof CtThisAccess) {
			CtThisAccess<?> targetthis = (CtThisAccess) tpr;
			CtTypeReference tpref = targetthis.getType();
			if (ctClassMP.isSubtypeOf(tpref))
				return InvocationMatching.TARGET_SAME_TYPE;
			else if (chechSignatures(ctClassMP.getAllExecutables(), invocation0.getExecutable(), false)) {
				return InvocationMatching.SAME_SIGNATURE_FROM_DIFF_TYPE;
			} else {
				log.debug("Signature " + invocation0.getExecutable().getSignature());
						"Not compatible: " + ctClassMP.getQualifiedName() + " with " + (tpref.getQualifiedName()));
				return InvocationMatching.TARGET_INCOMPATIBLE;
		} else {
			log.debug("Explicit target " + tpr);
			return InvocationMatching.TARGET_IS_VARIABLE;
	} else {

		if (inv0 instanceof CtConstructorCall) {
			return InvocationMatching.CONTRUCTOR;


		return InvocationMatching.OTHER;

Example 2
public <T> void visitCtThisAccess(CtThisAccess<T> thisAccess) {
    /* this method has to be implemented by the non abstract class */
Example 3
Source Project: astor   Source File:    License: GNU General Public License v2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
public static List<CtInvocation> retrieveInvocationsFromMethod(CtTypeReference variableToReplaceType,
		CtClass classUnderAnalysis, ModificationPoint point) {
	List<CtInvocation> newInvocations = new ArrayList<>();

	boolean isParentMethodStatic = isParentMethodStatic(point.getCodeElement());

	List allMethods = SupportOperators.getAllMethodsFromClass(classUnderAnalysis);

	CtThisAccess<Object> createThisAccess = MutationSupporter.getFactory()
			.createThisAccess(MutationSupporter.getFactory().Type().objectType(), true);

	for (Object omethod : allMethods) {

		if (!(omethod instanceof CtMethod))

		CtMethod anotherMethod = (CtMethod) omethod;

		if (isParentMethodStatic && //
				!anotherMethod.getModifiers().contains(ModifierKind.STATIC)) {
			// if the modification point is in a static method, the method to call must be
			// static

		if (anotherMethod.getSimpleName().startsWith(VarReplacementByMethodCallOp.META_METHOD_LABEL))
			// It's a meta-method, discard

		boolean compatibleReturnTypes = SupportOperators.checkIsSubtype(anotherMethod.getType(),

		if (compatibleReturnTypes) {

			List<CtInvocation> newInvToMethods = createRealInvocationsAllPosibilities(point, anotherMethod,

	return newInvocations;
Example 4
Source Project: gumtree-spoon-ast-diff   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
public <T> void visitCtThisAccess(CtThisAccess<T> thisAccess) {
	label = thisAccess.toString();