Java Code Examples for org.matsim.core.controler.AbstractModule

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Example 1
Source Project: amodeus   Source File:    License: GNU General Public License v2.0 6 votes vote down vote up
static public Controler createController(Scenario scenario, EventHandler handler, int vehicleCapacity) {
    Controler controller = new Controler(scenario);

    controller.addOverridingModule(new DvrpModule());
    controller.addOverridingModule(new DvrpTravelTimeModule());
    controller.addOverridingModule(new AmodeusModule());

    controller.addOverridingModule(new AbstractModule() {
        public void install() {
            AmodeusUtils.registerGeneratorFactory(binder(), "Single", SingleVehicleGeneratorFactory.class);

        public SingleVehicleGeneratorFactory provideFactory() {
            return new SingleVehicleGeneratorFactory(vehicleCapacity, Id.createLinkId("link1"));

    controller.addOverridingQSimModule(new AmodeusQSimModule());


    return controller;
Example 2
Source Project: matsim-maas   Source File:    License: GNU General Public License v2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
public static void run(Config config, boolean otfvis) {
	Controler controler = DrtControlerCreator.createControler(config, otfvis);
	controler.addOverridingModule(new DrtFareModule());
	final SimpleVKTCounter vktCounter = new SimpleVKTCounter();
	controler.addOverridingModule(new AbstractModule() {
		public void install() {
	Logger.getLogger(RunDRTClass.class).info("VKT traveled in last iteration: " + Math.round(vktCounter.getVkt_counted()) + " km");
Example 3
Source Project: amod   Source File:    License: GNU General Public License v2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
/** runs a simulation run using input data from, av.xml and MATSim config.xml
 * @throws MalformedURLException
 * @throws Exception */

public void simulate(StringSocket stringSocket, int numReqTot, //
        File workingDirectory) throws MalformedURLException, Exception {
    /** working directory and options */
    scenarioOptions = new ScenarioOptions(workingDirectory, ScenarioOptionsBase.getDefault());

    /** set to true in order to make server wait for at least 1 client, for
     * instance viewer client, for fals the ScenarioServer starts the simulation
     * immediately */
    boolean waitForClients = scenarioOptions.getBoolean("waitForClients");
    configFile = new File(scenarioOptions.getSimulationConfigName());
    /** geographic information */
    LocationSpec locationSpec = scenarioOptions.getLocationSpec();
    referenceFrame = locationSpec.referenceFrame();

    /** open server port for clients to connect to */

    /** load MATSim configs - including av.xml configurations, load routing packages */
    DvrpConfigGroup dvrpConfigGroup = new DvrpConfigGroup();
    Config config = ConfigUtils.loadConfig(configFile.toString(), new AmodeusConfigGroup(), dvrpConfigGroup);
    config.planCalcScore().addActivityParams(new ActivityParams("activity"));
    // TODO @Sebastian fix this to meaningful values, remove, or add comment
    // this was added because there are sometimes problems, is there a more elegant option?
    for (ActivityParams activityParams : config.planCalcScore().getActivityParams()) {

    /** load MATSim scenario for simulation */
    Scenario scenario = ScenarioUtils.loadScenario(config);;
    network = scenario.getNetwork();
    Population population = scenario.getPopulation();

    MatsimAmodeusDatabase db = MatsimAmodeusDatabase.initialize(network, referenceFrame);
    Controler controller = new Controler(scenario);
    AmodeusConfigurator.configureController(controller, db, scenarioOptions);

    /** try to load link speed data and use for speed adaption in network */
    try {
        File linkSpeedDataFile = new File(scenarioOptions.getLinkSpeedDataName());
        LinkSpeedDataContainer lsData = LinkSpeedUtils.loadLinkSpeedData(linkSpeedDataFile);
        controller.addOverridingQSimModule(new TrafficDataModule(lsData));
    } catch (Exception exception) {
        System.err.println("Unable to load linkspeed data, freeflow speeds will be used in the simulation.");

    controller.addOverridingModule(new SocketModule(stringSocket, numReqTot));

    /** Custom router that ensures same network speeds as taxis in original data set. */
    controller.addOverridingModule(new AbstractModule() {
        public void install() {
            AmodeusUtils.bindRouterFactory(binder(), TaxiTravelTimeRouter.class.getSimpleName()).to(TaxiTravelTimeRouter.Factory.class);

    /** adding the dispatcher to receive and process string fleet commands */
    controller.addOverridingModule(new AbstractModule() {
        public void install() {
            AmodeusUtils.registerDispatcherFactory(binder(), "SocketDispatcherHost", SocketDispatcherHost.Factory.class);

    /** adding an initial vehicle placer */
    controller.addOverridingModule(new AbstractModule() {
        public void install() {
            AmodeusUtils.bindGeneratorFactory(binder(), RandomDensityGenerator.class.getSimpleName()).//

    /** run simulation */;

    /** close port for visualizaiton */

    /** perform analysis of simulation */
    /** output directory for saving results */
    outputDirectory = new File(config.controler().getOutputDirectory());