Java Code Examples for org.apache.maven.shared.mapping.MappingUtils

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Example 1
Source Project: appassembler   Source File:    License: MIT License 5 votes vote down vote up
 * Used by GenericDaemonGenerator.
 * @param artifact {@link Artifact}
 * @param layout {@link ArtifactRepositoryLayout}
 * @param outputFileNameMapping The name mapping.
 * @return the dependency.
public static Dependency create( Artifact artifact, ArtifactRepositoryLayout layout, String outputFileNameMapping )
    Dependency dependency = new Dependency();
    dependency.setGroupId( artifact.getGroupId() );
    dependency.setArtifactId( artifact.getArtifactId() );
    dependency.setVersion( artifact.getVersion() );
    dependency.setClassifier( artifact.getClassifier() );

    String path = layout.pathOf( artifact );
    if ( StringUtils.isNotEmpty( outputFileNameMapping ) )
        // Replace the file name part of the path with one that has been mapped
        File directory = new File( path ).getParentFile();

            String fileName = MappingUtils.evaluateFileNameMapping( outputFileNameMapping, artifact );
            File file = new File( directory, fileName );
            // Always use forward slash as path separator, because that's what layout.pathOf( artifact ) uses
            path = file.getPath().replace( '\\', '/' );
        catch ( InterpolationException e )
            // TODO Handle exceptions!
            // throw new MojoExecutionException("Unable to map file name.", e);
    dependency.setRelativePath( path );

    return dependency;
Example 2
Source Project: ci.maven   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
public String getEarOutputFileNameMapping(Artifact artifact) throws Exception {
    String outputFileNameMapping = MavenProjectUtil.getPluginConfiguration(project, "org.apache.maven.plugins",
        "maven-ear-plugin", "outputFileNameMapping");
    String fileNameMapping = MappingUtils.evaluateFileNameMapping( outputFileNameMapping, artifact );
    if (fileNameMapping == null || fileNameMapping.isEmpty()) {
        // default format if none is specified
        String defaultFormat = "@{groupId}@[email protected]{artifactId}@[email protected]{version}@@{dashClassifier?}@[email protected]{extension}@";
        fileNameMapping = MappingUtils.evaluateFileNameMapping( defaultFormat, artifact );
    return fileNameMapping;