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Example 1
Source Project: roboconf-platform   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 6 votes vote down vote up
public void onStart( final FileAlterationObserver observer ) {

	if( this.alreadyStarted.getAndSet( true ))

	this.logger.fine("Initial provisioning of templates...");
	final Collection<File> templateFiles = FileUtils.listFiles(

			// Find readable template files.
					FileFilterUtils.suffixFileFilter( ".tpl" ),

			// Directory filter: go through the root template directory and its direct children.
			new TemplateDirectoryFileFilter( this.templateDir ));

	process( templateFiles );
Example 2
Source Project: roboconf-platform   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
 * Constructor.
 * @param manager the templating manager, to which event handling is delegated.
 * @param templateDir the templates directory to watch.
 * @param pollInterval the poll interval.
 * @throws IOException if there is a problem watching the template directory.
public TemplateWatcher( final TemplatingManager manager, final File templateDir, final long pollInterval ) {
	this.templateDir = templateDir;

	// Register the custom helpers.
	this.handlebars.registerHelper( AllHelper.NAME, new AllHelper());
	this.handlebars.registerHelper( IsKeyHelper.NAME, new IsKeyHelper());

	// Pretty formatting
	this.handlebars.prettyPrint( true );

	// Create the observer, register this object as the event listener.
	FileFilter fileFilter = FileFilterUtils.or(
					FileFilterUtils.suffixFileFilter( ".tpl" ),
					new TemplateFileFilter(templateDir)),
					new TemplateSubDirectoryFileFilter(templateDir))

	FileAlterationObserver observer = new FileAlterationObserver( this.templateDir, fileFilter );
	observer.addListener( this );

	// Create the monitor.
	this.monitor = new FileAlterationMonitor( pollInterval, observer );
	this.monitor.setThreadFactory( THREAD_FACTORY );

	this.manager = manager;
	this.logger.fine( "Template watcher is watching "
			+ this.templateDir
			+ " with an interval of " + pollInterval + " ms." );
Example 3
Source Project: allure1   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 2 votes vote down vote up
 * Returns list of files matches specified regex in specified directories
 * @param regex       to match file names
 * @param directories to find
 * @return list of files matches specified regex in specified directories
public static List<File> listFilesByRegex(String regex, File... directories) {
    return listFiles(directories,
            new RegexFileFilter(regex),