Java Code Examples for org.eclipse.emf.ecore.util.BasicFeatureMap

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Example 1
Project: cda2fhir   File:   Source Code and License 4 votes vote down vote up
 * Transforms A CDA StructDocText instance to a Java String containing the transformed text.
 * Since the method is a recursive one and handles with different types of object, parameter is taken as Object. However, parameters of type StructDocText should be given by the caller.
 * @param param A CDA StructDocText instance
 * @return A Java String containing the transformed text
private String tStrucDocText2String(Object param) {
	if(param instanceof org.openhealthtools.mdht.uml.cda.StrucDocText) {
		org.openhealthtools.mdht.uml.cda.StrucDocText paramStrucDocText = (org.openhealthtools.mdht.uml.cda.StrucDocText)param;
		return "<div>" +tStrucDocText2String(paramStrucDocText.getMixed()) + "</div>";
	else if(param instanceof BasicFeatureMap) {
		String returnValue = "";
		for(Object object : (BasicFeatureMap)param){
			String pieceOfReturn = tStrucDocText2String(object);
			if(pieceOfReturn != null && !pieceOfReturn.isEmpty()) {
				returnValue = returnValue + pieceOfReturn;
		return returnValue;
	else if(param instanceof EStructuralFeatureImpl.SimpleFeatureMapEntry) {
		String elementBody = ((EStructuralFeatureImpl.SimpleFeatureMapEntry)param).getValue().toString();
		// deletion of unnecessary content (\n, \t)
		elementBody = elementBody.replaceAll("\n", "").replaceAll("\t", "");
		// replacement of special characters
		elementBody = elementBody.replaceAll("<","&lt;").replaceAll(">", "&gt;").replaceAll("&", "&amp;");
		// if there was a well-formed char sequence "&amp;", after replacement it will transform to &amp;amp;
		// the following line of code will remove these type of typos
		elementBody = elementBody.replaceAll("&amp;amp;", "&amp;");
		String typeName = ((EStructuralFeatureImpl.SimpleFeatureMapEntry) param).getEStructuralFeature().getName();
		typeName = typeName.toLowerCase();
		if(typeName.equals("comment")) {
			return "<!-- "+elementBody +" -->";
		} else if(typeName.equals("text")){
			return elementBody;
		} else {
			logger.warn("Unknown element type was found while transforming a StrucDocText instance to Narrative. Returning the value of the element");
			return elementBody;
	else if(param instanceof EStructuralFeatureImpl.ContainmentUpdatingFeatureMapEntry) {
		EStructuralFeatureImpl.ContainmentUpdatingFeatureMapEntry entry = (EStructuralFeatureImpl.ContainmentUpdatingFeatureMapEntry)param;
		List<String> tagList = getTagsHelperForTStructDocText2String(entry);
		return tagList.get(0) + tStrucDocText2String(entry.getValue()) + tagList.get(1);
	else if(param instanceof org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xml.type.impl.AnyTypeImpl) {
		// since the name and the attributes are taken already, we just send the mixed of anyTypeImpl
		return tStrucDocText2String(((org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xml.type.impl.AnyTypeImpl)param).getMixed());
	else {
		logger.warn("Parameter for the method tStrucDocText2String is unknown. Returning null", param.getClass());
		return null;