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Example 1
Project: miniguava   File:   Source Code and License 6 votes vote down vote up
@MiniGuavaSpecific // miniguava: Originally testsForRemoveAllAndRetainAll
private static Test testsForRemoveAll() {
  return ListTestSuiteBuilder.using(new TestStringListGenerator() {
    @Override public List<String> create(final String[] elements) {
      final List<String> delegate = newArrayList(elements);
      return new ForwardingList<String>() {
        @Override protected List<String> delegate() {
          return delegate;

        @Override public boolean removeAll(Collection<?> c) {
          return Iterators.removeAll(iterator(), c);
    .named("ArrayList with Iterators.removeAll")
Example 2
Project: uzaygezen   File:   Source Code and License 5 votes vote down vote up
@Override public List<E> subList(int fromIndex, int toIndex) {
  // Using ForwardingList so removeAll(null) and retainAll(null) throw a NPE
  final List<E> delegate = super.subList(fromIndex, toIndex);
  return new ForwardingList<E>() {
    @Override protected List<E> delegate() {
      return delegate;