Java Code Examples for com.esri.core.geometry.ogc.OGCGeometry#distance()

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Example 1
 * Perform a real join based on the geometry of the data
public boolean filterJoinCandidate(final Tuple tuple1, final Tuple tuple2, final byte[] customData) {
	final String geoJsonString1 = new String(tuple1.getDataBytes());
	final String geoJsonString2 = new String(tuple2.getDataBytes());

	// Full text search on string (if provided)
	if(customData != null) {
		final String customDataString = new String(customData);
		if(! geoJsonString1.contains(customDataString) && 
				! geoJsonString2.contains(customDataString)) {
			return false;
	final OGCGeometry geometry1 = extractGeometry(geoJsonString1);
	final OGCGeometry geometry2 = extractGeometry(geoJsonString2);
	if(geometry1 instanceof OGCPoint) {
		final double geometryDistrance = geometry1.distance(geometry2);
		return geometryDistrance < MAX_OVERLAPPING_POINT_DISTANCE;
	} else {
	    return geometry1.intersects(geometry2);
Example 2
Source Project: presto   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
@Description("Returns the 2-dimensional cartesian minimum distance (based on spatial ref) between two geometries in projected units")
public static Double stDistance(@SqlType(GEOMETRY_TYPE_NAME) Slice left, @SqlType(GEOMETRY_TYPE_NAME) Slice right)
    OGCGeometry leftGeometry = deserialize(left);
    OGCGeometry rightGeometry = deserialize(right);
    verifySameSpatialReference(leftGeometry, rightGeometry);
    return leftGeometry.isEmpty() || rightGeometry.isEmpty() ? null : leftGeometry.distance(rightGeometry);