Java Code Examples for org.bouncycastle.asn1.DERGeneralString

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Example 1
Source Project: portecle   Source File:    License: GNU General Public License v2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
 * Get Entrust Version Extension (1.2.840.113533.7.65.0) extension value as a string.
 * @param bValue The octet string value
 * @return Extension value as a string
 * @throws IOException If an I/O problem occurs
private String getEntrustVersionExtensionStringValue(byte[] bValue)
    throws IOException
	// SEQUENCE encapsulated in a OCTET STRING
	ASN1Sequence as = (ASN1Sequence) ASN1Primitive.fromByteArray(bValue);
	// Also has BIT STRING, ignored here
	//[email protected]/msg06546.html
	return escapeHtml(((DERGeneralString) as.getObjectAt(0)).getString());
Example 2
Source Project: keystore-explorer   Source File:    License: GNU General Public License v3.0 5 votes vote down vote up
private String getEntrustVersionInformationStringValue(byte[] value) throws IOException {
	// @formatter:off

	 * EntrustVersInfoSyntax ::= OCTET STRING
	 * entrustVersInfo EXTENSION ::= { SYNTAX EntrustVersInfoSyntax,
	 * IDENTIFIED BY {id-entrust 0} }
	 * EntrustVersInfoSyntax ::= ASN1Sequence { entrustVers GeneralString,
	 * entrustInfoFlags EntrustInfoFlags }
	 * EntrustInfoFlags ::= BIT STRING { keyUpdateAllowed newExtensions (1),
	 * pKIXCertificate (2) }

	// @formatter:on

	StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

	ASN1Sequence entrustVersInfo = (ASN1Sequence) ASN1Primitive.fromByteArray(value);

	DERGeneralString entrustVers = (DERGeneralString) entrustVersInfo.getObjectAt(0);
	DERBitString entrustInfoFlags = (DERBitString) entrustVersInfo.getObjectAt(1);

	sb.append(MessageFormat.format(res.getString("EntrustVersion"), entrustVers.getString()));
	sb.append(MessageFormat.format(res.getString("EntrustInformationFlags"), entrustInfoFlags.getString()));

	return sb.toString();
Example 3
Source Project: keystore-explorer   Source File:    License: GNU General Public License v3.0 5 votes vote down vote up
private String dumpString(ASN1String asn1String) {
	StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();


	if (asn1String instanceof DERBMPString) {
		sb.append("BMP STRING=");
	} else if (asn1String instanceof DERGeneralString) {
		sb.append("GENERAL STRING=");
	} else if (asn1String instanceof DERIA5String) {
		sb.append("IA5 STRING=");
	} else if (asn1String instanceof DERNumericString) {
		sb.append("NUMERIC STRING=");
	} else if (asn1String instanceof DERPrintableString) {
		sb.append("PRINTABLE STRING=");
	} else if (asn1String instanceof DERT61String) {
		sb.append("TELETEX STRING=");
	} else if (asn1String instanceof DERUniversalString) {
		sb.append("UNIVERSAL STRING=");
	} else if (asn1String instanceof DERUTF8String) {
		sb.append("UTF8 STRING=");
	} else if (asn1String instanceof DERVisibleString) {
		sb.append("VISIBLE STRING=");
	} else {
		sb.append("UNKNOWN STRING=");


	return sb.toString();