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Example 1
Source Project: arcusplatform   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 6 votes vote down vote up
private TemplateSource createStringTemplateSource(String location) throws IOException {
	String uri = getPrefix() + location + getSuffix();"Loading Resource {}",uri);
	Resource resource = Resources.getResource(uri);		
	String content = null;
	try (InputStream is = {
	    content = IOUtils.toString(is);

	return new StringTemplateSource(location, content);
Example 2
Source Project: roboconf-platform   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
 * Compiles the given template file and create the associated template entry.
 * <p>IO and compile errors are logged but not rethrown.</p>
 * @param templateFile the template file to compile
 * @return the created template entry, or {@code null} if any problem occurred
public TemplateEntry compileTemplate( final File templateFile ) {

	TemplateEntry templateEntry = null;
	try {
		// Parse the template's content and find the (optional) output
		String templateFileContent = Utils.readFileContent( templateFile );
		Matcher m = Pattern.compile( "\\{\\{!\\s*roboconf-output:(.*)\\}\\}" ).matcher( templateFileContent.trim());

		String targetFilePath = null;
		if( m.find())
			targetFilePath = 1 ).trim();

		// Compile the template file
		final Template template = this.handlebars.compile(
				new StringTemplateSource(
						templateFileContent ));

		// Create the entry
		templateEntry = new TemplateEntry(
				templateFile, targetFilePath, template,
				TemplateUtils.findApplicationName( this.templateDir, templateFile ));

	} catch( IOException | IllegalArgumentException | HandlebarsException e ) {
		this.logger.warning("Cannot compile template " + templateFile);
		Utils.logException(this.logger, e);

	return templateEntry;