Java Code Examples for org.jdom2.Element#getNamespacePrefix()

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Example 1
Source Project: n2o-framework   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
public static void installPrefix(Element element, Element rootElement) {
    if (element == null) return;
    if (rootElement.getNamespace() == null) return;
    if (element.getNamespacePrefix() == null) return;
    if (element.getNamespace() == null) return;
    if (element.getNamespace().getURI().equals(rootElement.getNamespace().getURI())) return;
    if (element.getNamespace().getURI().isEmpty()) return;
    if (rootElement.getAdditionalNamespaces().contains(element.getNamespace())) return;
    Namespace additional = element.getNamespace();
Example 2
 * Clones a set of attributes. Needs to be done this way to (i) break the
 * parental attachment to the attribute; and (ii) to fix any errant namespace
 * prefixes
 * @param element the element with the attributes to clone
 * @param defNS the default namespace
 * @return the List of clone attributes
private List<Attribute> cloneAttributes(Element element, Namespace defNS) {
    String prefix = element.getNamespacePrefix();
    List<Attribute> cloned = new ArrayList<Attribute>();
    for (Attribute attribute : element.getAttributes()) {
        String value = getAttributeValue(attribute, prefix, defNS);
        Attribute copy = new Attribute(attribute.getName(), value);
    return cloned;
Example 3
private String getElementFullName(final Element element) {
    final StringBuilder name = new StringBuilder(element.getNamespacePrefix());
    if (!element.getNamespacePrefix().isEmpty())
    return name.toString();
Example 4
Source Project: rome   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
private static void collectUsedPrefixes(final Element el, final Set<String> collector) {

        final String prefix = el.getNamespacePrefix();
        if (prefix != null && prefix.length() > 0 && !collector.contains(prefix)) {

        final List<Element> kids = el.getChildren();
        for (final Element kid : kids) {
            // recursion- worth it
            collectUsedPrefixes(kid, collector);