Java Code Examples for org.apache.http.HttpResponse#removeHeader()

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Example 1
Source File:    From esigate with Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
private void removeVarySurrogateCapabilities(HttpResponse response) {
    // Remove Vary: Surrogate-Capabilities
    Header[] varyHeaders = response.getHeaders("Vary");
    if (varyHeaders != null) {
        for (Header h : varyHeaders) {
            if (H_SURROGATE_CAPABILITIES.equals(h.getValue())) {
Example 2
Source File:    From RoboZombie with Apache License 2.0 3 votes vote down vote up
 * <p>Accepts the {@link InvocationContext} along with the {@link HttpResponse} and retrieves all response 
 * headers which are discovered in the {@link HttpResponse}. These are then injected into their matching 
 * {@link StringBuilder} which are identified by @{@link Header} on the endpoint request definition. The 
 * response headers and the in-out parameters are matched using the header name and all parameters with 
 * a runtime value of {@code null} will be ignored.</p> 
 * @param context
 * 			the {@link InvocationContext} which is used to discover any @{@link Header} metadata in its 
 * 			<i>request</i> and <i>args</i>
 * <br><br>
 * @param response
 * 			the {@link HttpResponse} whose headers are to be retrieved and injected in the in-out 
 * 			{@link StringBuilder} parameters found on the request definition
 * <br><br>
 * @return the <i>same</i> deserialized response entity instance which was supplied as a parameter 
 * <br><br>
 * @throws ResponseProcessorException
 * 			if the response-header retrieval or injection failed due to an unrecoverable error
 * <br><br>
 * @since 1.3.0
protected Object process(InvocationContext context, HttpResponse response, Object content) {

	try {
		List<Map.Entry<Header, Object>> headers = Metadata.onParams(Header.class, context);
		String name;
		StringBuilder value;
		for (Map.Entry<Header, Object> header : headers) {
			if(header.getValue() instanceof StringBuilder) {
				name = header.getKey().value();
				value = (StringBuilder)header.getValue();
				org.apache.http.Header[] responseHeaders = response.getHeaders(name);
				if(responseHeaders != null && responseHeaders.length > 0) {
					String responseHeaderValue = responseHeaders[0].getValue();
					value.replace(0, value.length(), responseHeaderValue == null? "" :responseHeaderValue);
					response.removeHeader(responseHeaders[0]); //remaining headers (equally named) processed if in-out params available
		return content;
	catch(Exception e) {
		throw new ResponseProcessorException(getClass(), context, e);