Java Code Examples for mil.nga.geopackage.tiles.user.TileDao#getMinZoom()

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Example 1
Source Project: osmdroid   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 6 votes vote down vote up
public GeopackageRasterTileSource getTileSource(String database, String table) {
    Iterator<GeoPackage> iterator = geopackage.tileSources.iterator();
    while (iterator.hasNext()){
        GeoPackage next =;
        if (next.getName().equalsIgnoreCase(database)) {
            //found the database
            if (next.getTileTables().contains(table)) {
                //find the tile table
                TileDao tileDao = next.getTileDao(table);
                mil.nga.geopackage.BoundingBox boundingBox = tileDao.getBoundingBox();
                ProjectionTransform transformation = tileDao.getProjection().getTransformation(tileDao.getProjection());
                BoundingBox bounds =new BoundingBox(boundingBox.getMaxLatitude(),boundingBox.getMaxLongitude(),boundingBox.getMinLatitude(),boundingBox.getMinLongitude());
                return new GeopackageRasterTileSource(database,table, (int)tileDao.getMinZoom(),(int)tileDao.getMaxZoom(), bounds);

    return null;
Example 2
Source Project: geopackage-java   File:    License: MIT License 5 votes vote down vote up
 * Build text from a tile table
 * @param table
 *            tile table
 * @return text
public String tileTable(String table) {

	StringBuilder output = new StringBuilder();
	TileDao tileDao = geoPackage.getTileDao(table);
	output.append("Table Name: " + tileDao.getTableName());
	long minZoom = tileDao.getMinZoom();
	long maxZoom = tileDao.getMaxZoom();
	output.append("\nMin Zoom: " + minZoom);
	output.append("\nMax Zoom: " + maxZoom);
	output.append("\nTiles: " + tileDao.count());

	TileMatrixSet tileMatrixSet = tileDao.getTileMatrixSet();


	output.append("\n\nTile Matrix Set\n\n")

	output.append("\n\n Tile Matrices");

	for (long zoom = minZoom; zoom <= maxZoom; zoom++) {
		TileMatrix tileMatrix = tileDao.getTileMatrix(zoom);
		if (tileMatrix != null) {
			output.append("\n\tTiles: " + tileDao.count(zoom));
			BoundingBox boundingBox = tileDao.getBoundingBox(zoom);
			output.append("\n\tTile Bounds: \n")

	return output.toString();