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Example 1
Source Project: binnavi   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 7 votes vote down vote up
 * Increments the offsets of all members which have an offset > startOffset.
 * @param connection The connection to the database.
 * @param members The ids of the members whose updates should be updated.
 * @param delta The value that is added to all member offsets.
 * @param implicitDelta The delta that is added to the implicitly update member offsets.
 * @param implicitlyUpdatedMembers
 * @param module The module that contains the members.
 * @throws CouldntSaveDataException Thrown if the member offsets could not be updated.
public static void updateMemberOffsets(final Connection connection,
    final List<Integer> members,
    final int delta,
    final List<Integer> implicitlyUpdatedMembers,
    final int implicitDelta,
    final INaviModule module) throws CouldntSaveDataException {
  try {
    final CallableStatement statement =
        connection.prepareCall("{ call update_member_offsets(?, ?, ?, ?, ?) }");
    try {
      statement.setInt(1, module.getConfiguration().getId());
      statement.setArray(2, connection.createArrayOf("int4", members.toArray()));
      statement.setInt(3, delta);
      statement.setArray(4, connection.createArrayOf("int4", implicitlyUpdatedMembers.toArray()));
      statement.setInt(5, implicitDelta);
    } finally {
  } catch (final SQLException exception) {
    throw new CouldntSaveDataException(exception);