Java Code Examples for java.math.BigDecimal#ROUND_CEILING

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Example 1
 * Truncate a decimal value to the given number of decimal places.
 * @param numeric the decimal number to truncate.
 * @param truncPlaces the integer number of decimal places to truncate. If truncPlaces is positive,
 *                   numeric is truncated (zeroed) starting from truncPlaces + 1 places to the left
 *                   of the decimal point.  If it's negative, numeric is truncated starting from
 *                   truncPlaces places to the left of the decimal point.
 * @return the truncated value.
 * @throws StandardException
public static NumberDataValue truncDecimal(DataValueDescriptor numeric, DataValueDescriptor truncPlaces)
    throws StandardException {

    // Gotta clone here because ref changes value when both trunc value and column are selected
    // For example, if select trunc(n, 1), n from trunctest, n also displays truncated value
    NumberDataValue returnValue = (NumberDataValue) numeric.cloneValue(false);
    double valueToTrunc = returnValue.getDouble();
    int roundingMode = BigDecimal.ROUND_FLOOR;
    if (valueToTrunc < 1) {
        // short circuit if we know answer is zero (valueToTrunc<1 && valueToTrunc>=0 && truncPlaces<0)
        if (valueToTrunc >= 0 && truncPlaces.getInt() <= 0) {
            returnValue.setBigDecimal(new BigDecimal(0));
            return returnValue;
        roundingMode = BigDecimal.ROUND_CEILING;
    // Change the scale on the clone
    Object value = numeric.getObject();
    BigDecimal y;
    if (value == null || ! (value instanceof BigDecimal)) {
        // could be integer.  trunc as decimal.
        y = new BigDecimal(String.valueOf(valueToTrunc)).setScale(truncPlaces.getInt(), roundingMode);
    } else {
        y = ((BigDecimal)value).setScale(truncPlaces.getInt(), roundingMode);
    // BigDecimal#precision() has the side effect of setting the precision. Needed since we've changed it.
    int precision = y.precision();
    return returnValue;