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Example 1
Source Project: youkefu   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 6 votes vote down vote up
public Filter tokenInfoTokenFilterSecurityInterceptor() throws Exception
    RequestMatcher autconfig = new RegexRequestMatcher("/autoconfig([\\S\\s]*?)",null);
    RequestMatcher configprops = new RegexRequestMatcher("/configprops([\\S\\s]*?)",null);
    RequestMatcher beans = new RegexRequestMatcher("/beans([\\S\\s]*?)",null);
    RequestMatcher dump = new RegexRequestMatcher("/dump([\\S\\s]*?)",null);
    RequestMatcher env = new RegexRequestMatcher("/env([\\S\\s]*?)",null);
    RequestMatcher health = new RegexRequestMatcher("/health([\\S\\s]*?)",null);
    RequestMatcher info = new RegexRequestMatcher("/info([\\S\\s]*?)",null);
    RequestMatcher mappings = new RegexRequestMatcher("/mappings([\\S\\s]*?)",null);
    RequestMatcher metrics = new RegexRequestMatcher("/metrics([\\S\\s]*?)",null);
    RequestMatcher trace = new RegexRequestMatcher("/trace([\\S\\s]*?)",null);
    RequestMatcher druid = new RegexRequestMatcher("/druid([\\S\\s]*?)",null);
    RequestMatcher admin = new RegexRequestMatcher("/admin([\\S\\s]*?)",null);
    return new DelegateRequestMatchingFilter(autconfig , configprops , beans , dump , env , health , info , mappings , metrics , trace, druid , admin);
Example 2
public CsrfSecurityRequestMatcher() {
    this.whiteListedMatchers = Arrays.asList(
        new RegexRequestMatcher("/rest/.*\\.view(\\?.*)?", "POST"),
        new RegexRequestMatcher("/search(?:\\.view)?", "POST"),
        // websockets are protected by stomp headers
        new AntPathRequestMatcher("/websocket/**")
Example 3
public CsrfSecurityRequestMatcher() {
    this.whiteListedMatchers = Arrays.asList(
        new RegexRequestMatcher("/dwr/.*\\.dwr", "POST"),
        new RegexRequestMatcher("/rest/.*\\.view(\\?.*)?", "POST"),
        new RegexRequestMatcher("/search(?:\\.view)?", "POST")
Example 4
Source Project: studio   Source File:    License: GNU General Public License v3.0 5 votes vote down vote up
public OrRegexRequestMatcher(String... patterns) {
    requestMatcher = new OrRequestMatcher(
                    .map(pattern -> new RegexRequestMatcher(pattern, null))