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Example 1
public void setup() {

	KeyValueOperations operations = new KeyValueTemplate(new MapKeyValueAdapter());
	KeyValueRepositoryFactory keyValueRepositoryFactory = createKeyValueRepositoryFactory(operations);

	this.repository = getRepository(keyValueRepositoryFactory);
Example 2
protected KeyValueRepositoryFactory createKeyValueRepositoryFactory(KeyValueOperations operations) {
	return new KeyValueRepositoryFactory(operations, SpelQueryCreator.class, CachingKeyValuePartTreeQuery.class);
Example 3
protected QPersonRepository getRepository(KeyValueRepositoryFactory factory) {
	return factory.getRepository(QPersonRepository.class);
Example 4
protected KeyValueRepositoryFactory createKeyValueRepositoryFactory(KeyValueOperations operations) {
	return new KeyValueRepositoryFactory(operations);
Example 5
protected PersonRepository getRepository(KeyValueRepositoryFactory factory) {
	return factory.getRepository(PersonRepository.class);
Example 6
 * <p>
 * Return a {@link HazelcastRepositoryFactory}.
 * </P>
 * <p>
 * {@code super} would return {@link KeyValueRepositoryFactory} which in turn builds {@link KeyValueRepository}
 * instances, and these have a private method that implement querying in a manner that does not fit with Hazelcast.
 * More details are in {@link HazelcastRepositoryFactory}.
 * </P>
 * @param KeyValueOperations
 * @param Query                Creator
 * @param RepositoryQueryType, not used
 * @return A {@link HazelcastRepositoryFactory} that creates {@link HazelcastRepository} instances.
protected KeyValueRepositoryFactory createRepositoryFactory(KeyValueOperations operations,
                                                            Class<? extends AbstractQueryCreator<?, ?>> queryCreator,
                                                            Class<? extends RepositoryQuery> repositoryQueryType) {
    Assert.state(hazelcastInstance != null, "HazelcastInstance must be set");

    return new HazelcastRepositoryFactory(operations, queryCreator, hazelcastInstance);
Example 7
protected abstract T getRepository(KeyValueRepositoryFactory factory);