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Example 1
public RepositoryQuery resolveQuery(Method method, RepositoryMetadata metadata, ProjectionFactory factory,
		NamedQueries namedQueries) {

	QueryMethod queryMethod = new QueryMethod(method, metadata, factory);

	Constructor<? extends KeyValuePartTreeQuery> constructor = (Constructor<? extends KeyValuePartTreeQuery>) ClassUtils
			.getConstructorIfAvailable(this.repositoryQueryType, QueryMethod.class,
					QueryMethodEvaluationContextProvider.class, KeyValueOperations.class, Class.class);

	Assert.state(constructor != null,
					"Constructor %s(QueryMethod, EvaluationContextProvider, KeyValueOperations, Class) not available!",

	return BeanUtils.instantiateClass(constructor, queryMethod, evaluationContextProvider, this.keyValueOperations,
Example 2
 * Detects the query creator type to be used for the factory to set. Will lookup a {@link QueryCreatorType} annotation
 * on the {@code @Enable}-annotation or use {@link SpelQueryCreator} if not found.
 * @param config
 * @return
private static Class<?> getQueryType(AnnotationRepositoryConfigurationSource config) {

	AnnotationMetadata metadata = config.getEnableAnnotationMetadata();

	Map<String, Object> queryCreatorAnnotationAttributes = metadata

	if (queryCreatorAnnotationAttributes == null) {
		return KeyValuePartTreeQuery.class;

	AnnotationAttributes queryCreatorAttributes = new AnnotationAttributes(queryCreatorAnnotationAttributes);
	return queryCreatorAttributes.getClass("repositoryQueryType");
Example 3
@Test // DATAKV-123
public void createsRepositoryFactory() {

	Class<? extends AbstractQueryCreator<?, ?>> creatorType = (Class<? extends AbstractQueryCreator<?, ?>>) mock(
	Class<? extends RepositoryQuery> queryType = mock(KeyValuePartTreeQuery.class).getClass();


Example 4
Source Project: spring-vault   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
public VaultRepositoryFactory(KeyValueOperations keyValueOperations,
		Class<? extends AbstractQueryCreator<?, ?>> queryCreator) {
	this(keyValueOperations, queryCreator, KeyValuePartTreeQuery.class);
Example 5
 * Creates a new {@link KeyValueRepositoryFactory} for the given {@link KeyValueOperations} and
 * {@link AbstractQueryCreator}-type.
 * @param keyValueOperations must not be {@literal null}.
 * @param queryCreator must not be {@literal null}.
public KeyValueRepositoryFactory(KeyValueOperations keyValueOperations,
		Class<? extends AbstractQueryCreator<?, ?>> queryCreator) {

	this(keyValueOperations, queryCreator, KeyValuePartTreeQuery.class);