Java Code Examples for org.springframework.context.annotation.ImportSelector

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Example 1
public void registerBeanDefinitions(AnnotationMetadata importingClassMetadata, BeanDefinitionRegistry registry) {
    // 复用 {@link ServerImportSelector} 实现,避免重复劳动
    ImportSelector importSelector = new ServerImportSelector();
    // 筛选 Class 名称集合
    String[] selectedClassNames = importSelector.selectImports(importingClassMetadata);
    // 创建 Bean 定义
            .map(BeanDefinitionBuilder::genericBeanDefinition) // 转化为 BeanDefinitionBuilder 对象
            .map(BeanDefinitionBuilder::getBeanDefinition)     // 转化为 BeanDefinition
            .forEach(beanDefinition ->
                    // 注册 BeanDefinition 到 BeanDefinitionRegistry
                    BeanDefinitionReaderUtils.registerWithGeneratedName(beanDefinition, registry)
Example 2
private String[] selected(ImportSelector registrar, Class<?> importer) {
	if (registrar instanceof DeferredImportSelector) {
		return new DeferredConfigurations(Stream.of(registrar.selectImports(getMetaData(importer)))
				.map(name -> ClassUtils.resolveClassName(name, context.getClassLoader()))
	return registrar.selectImports(getMetaData(importer));
Example 3
Source Project: spring-boot-graal-feature   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
private boolean implementsImportSelector() {
	return implementsInterface(fromLdescriptorToSlashed(ImportSelector));