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Example 1
Source Project: lucene-solr   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 6 votes vote down vote up
protected LockFactory createLockFactory(String rawLockType) throws IOException {
  if (null == rawLockType) {
    rawLockType = DirectoryFactory.LOCK_TYPE_NATIVE;
    log.warn("No lockType configured, assuming '{}'.", rawLockType);
  final String lockType = rawLockType.toLowerCase(Locale.ROOT).trim();
  switch (lockType) {
    case DirectoryFactory.LOCK_TYPE_SIMPLE:
      return SimpleFSLockFactory.INSTANCE;
    case DirectoryFactory.LOCK_TYPE_NATIVE:
      return NativeFSLockFactory.INSTANCE;
    case DirectoryFactory.LOCK_TYPE_SINGLE:
      return new SingleInstanceLockFactory();
    case DirectoryFactory.LOCK_TYPE_NONE:
      return NoLockFactory.INSTANCE;
      throw new SolrException(SolrException.ErrorCode.SERVER_ERROR,
          "Unrecognized lockType: " + rawLockType);
Example 2
public void testSimpleLockErrorOnStartup() throws Exception {

  Directory directory = newFSDirectory(new File(initAndGetDataDir(), "index").toPath(), SimpleFSLockFactory.INSTANCE);
  //creates a new IndexWriter without releasing the lock yet
  IndexWriter indexWriter = new IndexWriter(directory, new IndexWriterConfig(null));

  try {
    //opening a new core on the same index
    initCore("solrconfig-basic.xml", "schema.xml");
    if (checkForCoreInitException(LockObtainFailedException.class))
    fail("Expected " + LockObtainFailedException.class.getSimpleName());
  } finally {
Example 3
Source Project: lucene-solr   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
public void testWhetherDeleteAllDeletesWriteLock() throws Exception {
  // Must use SimpleFSLockFactory... NativeFSLockFactory
  // somehow "knows" a lock is held against write.lock
  // even if you remove that file:
  Directory d = newFSDirectory(createTempDir("TestIndexWriter.testWhetherDeleteAllDeletesWriteLock"), SimpleFSLockFactory.INSTANCE);
  RandomIndexWriter w1 = new RandomIndexWriter(random(), d);
  expectThrows(LockObtainFailedException.class, () -> {
    new RandomIndexWriter(random(), d, newIndexWriterConfig(null));

Example 4
 * Inizializzazione dell'indicizzatore.
 * @param dir La cartella locale contenitore dei dati persistenti.
 * @throws ApsSystemException In caso di errore
public void init(File dir) throws ApsSystemException {
    try {
        this.dir =, SimpleFSLockFactory.INSTANCE);
    } catch (Throwable t) {
        logger.error("Error creating directory", t);
        throw new ApsSystemException("Error creating directory", t);
    logger.debug("Indexer: search engine index ok.");