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Example 1
Source Project: lumongo   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 6 votes vote down vote up
private List<LumongoHighlighter> getHighlighterList(List<HighlightRequest> highlightRequests, Query q) {

		if (highlightRequests.isEmpty()) {
			return Collections.emptyList();

		List<LumongoHighlighter> highlighterList = new ArrayList<>();

		for (HighlightRequest highlight : highlightRequests) {
			QueryScorer queryScorer = new QueryScorer(q, highlight.getField());
			Fragmenter fragmenter = new SimpleSpanFragmenter(queryScorer, highlight.getFragmentLength());
			SimpleHTMLFormatter simpleHTMLFormatter = new SimpleHTMLFormatter(highlight.getPreTag(), highlight.getPostTag());
			LumongoHighlighter highlighter = new LumongoHighlighter(simpleHTMLFormatter, queryScorer, highlight);
		return highlighterList;
Example 2
Source Project: cjs_ssms   Source File:    License: GNU General Public License v2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
public static void search(String indexDir, String q) throws Exception {
  Directory dir =;
  IndexReader reader =;
  IndexSearcher is = new IndexSearcher(reader);
  // Analyzer analyzer=new StandardAnalyzer(); // 标准分词器
  SmartChineseAnalyzer analyzer = new SmartChineseAnalyzer();
  QueryParser parser = new QueryParser("desc", analyzer);
  Query query = parser.parse(q);

  long start = System.currentTimeMillis();
  TopDocs hits =, 10);
  long end = System.currentTimeMillis();
  System.out.println("匹配 " + q + " ,总共花费" + (end - start) + "毫秒" + "查询到" + hits.totalHits + "个记录");

  QueryScorer scorer = new QueryScorer(query);
  Fragmenter fragmenter = new SimpleSpanFragmenter(scorer);
  SimpleHTMLFormatter simpleHTMLFormatter = new SimpleHTMLFormatter("<b><font color='red'>", "</font></b>");
  Highlighter highlighter = new Highlighter(simpleHTMLFormatter, scorer);
  for (ScoreDoc scoreDoc : hits.scoreDocs) {
    Document doc = is.doc(scoreDoc.doc);
    String desc = doc.get("desc");
    if (desc != null) {
      TokenStream tokenStream = analyzer.tokenStream("desc", new StringReader(desc));
      System.out.println(highlighter.getBestFragment(tokenStream, desc));