Java Code Examples for net.sf.jsqlparser.expression.operators.relational.ItemsList

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Example 1
Source Project: spanner-jdbc   Source File:    License: MIT License 4 votes vote down vote up
private Mutation createInsertMutation(Insert insert, boolean generateParameterMetaData)
    throws SQLException {
  ItemsList items = insert.getItemsList();
  if (generateParameterMetaData && items == null && insert.getSelect() != null) {
    // Just initialize the parameter meta data of the select statement
    createSelectBuilder(insert.getSelect(), insert.getSelect().toString());
    return null;
  if (!(items instanceof ExpressionList)) {
    throw new CloudSpannerSQLException("Insert statement must specify a list of values",
  if (insert.getColumns() == null || insert.getColumns().isEmpty()) {
    throw new CloudSpannerSQLException("Insert statement must specify a list of column names",
  List<Expression> expressions = ((ExpressionList) items).getExpressions();
  String table = unquoteIdentifier(insert.getTable().getFullyQualifiedName());
  WriteBuilder builder;
  if (insert.isUseDuplicate()) {
     * Do an insert-or-update. BUT: Cloud Spanner does not support supplying different values for
     * the insert and update statements, meaning that only the values specified in the INSERT part
     * of the statement will be considered. Anything specified in the 'ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE
     * ...' statement will be ignored.
    if (this.forceUpdate)
      builder = Mutation.newUpdateBuilder(table);
      builder = Mutation.newInsertOrUpdateBuilder(table);
  } else {
     * Just do an insert and throw an error if a row with the specified key alread exists.
    builder = Mutation.newInsertBuilder(table);
  int index = 0;
  for (Column col : insert.getColumns()) {
    String columnName = unquoteIdentifier(col.getFullyQualifiedName());
    expressions.get(index).accept(new ValueBinderExpressionVisitorAdapter<>(getParameterStore(),
        builder.set(columnName), columnName));