Java Code Examples for htsjdk.samtools.util.BlockCompressedFilePointerUtil

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Example 1
Source Project: hmftools   Source File:    License: GNU General Public License v3.0 5 votes vote down vote up
private ListenableFuture<byte[]> getBytesForChunk(@NotNull Chunk chunk) {
    long start = BlockCompressedFilePointerUtil.getBlockAddress(chunk.getChunkStart());
    long end = BlockCompressedFilePointerUtil.getBlockAddress(chunk.getChunkEnd());
    if (start <= end) {
        return readUrlBytes(start, end - start);
    } else {
        return Futures.immediateFailedFuture(new IllegalArgumentException("start offset is greater than end"));
Example 2
private static List<Chunk> expandChunks(@NotNull List<Chunk> chunks) {
    List<Chunk> result = Lists.newArrayList();
    for (Chunk chunk : chunks) {
        long chunkEndBlockAddress = BlockCompressedFilePointerUtil.getBlockAddress(chunk.getChunkEnd());
        long extendedEndBlockAddress = chunkEndBlockAddress + BlockCompressedStreamConstants.MAX_COMPRESSED_BLOCK_SIZE;
        long newChunkEnd = Math.min(extendedEndBlockAddress, MAX_BLOCK_ADDRESS);
        long chunkEndVirtualPointer = newChunkEnd << 16;
        result.add(new Chunk(chunk.getChunkStart(), chunkEndVirtualPointer));
    return result;
Example 3
private static void createBaiAndSplittingIndex(final File inputBam, final File index, final long granularity, final ValidationStringency readValidationStringency) {
    try(SamReader reader = SamReaderFactory.makeDefault()
            .setOption(SamReaderFactory.Option.INCLUDE_SOURCE_IN_RECORDS, true)
        BufferedOutputStream out = new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(index))) {
            final SAMFileHeader header = reader.getFileHeader();
            final SBIIndexWriter indexer = new SBIIndexWriter(out, granularity);

            final BAMIndexer bamIndexer = new BAMIndexer(IOUtils.replaceExtension(index, FileExtensions.BAI_INDEX), header);
            BAMFileSpan lastFilePointer = null;
            for(final SAMRecord read : reader){
                BAMFileSpan filePointer = (BAMFileSpan) read.getFileSource().getFilePointer();
                lastFilePointer = filePointer;
            long nextStart = 0;
            if (lastFilePointer != null && !lastFilePointer.getChunks().isEmpty()) {
                nextStart = lastFilePointer.getChunks().get(0).getChunkEnd();
            if (nextStart == 0) {
                nextStart = BlockCompressedFilePointerUtil.makeFilePointer(inputBam.length()); // default to file length (in case of no reads)
            indexer.finish(nextStart, inputBam.length()); // nextStart is start of next record that would be added
    } catch (final IOException e) {
        throw new UserException("Couldn't create splitting index", e);
Example 4
Source Project: Hadoop-BAM   Source File:    License: MIT License 4 votes vote down vote up
private static long shiftVirtualFilePointer(long virtualFilePointer, long offset) {
  long blockAddress = BlockCompressedFilePointerUtil.getBlockAddress(virtualFilePointer);
  int blockOffset = BlockCompressedFilePointerUtil.getBlockOffset(virtualFilePointer);
  return (blockAddress + offset) << 16 | (long) blockOffset;