Java Code Examples for com.couchbase.client.core.DocumentConcurrentlyModifiedException

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Example 1
Source Project: couchbase-jvm-core   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
 * When the returned observe response is from the master but it contains a different cas
 * than requested, it is an indication that the document has been concurrently modified.
@Test(expected = DocumentConcurrentlyModifiedException.class)
public void shouldFailWhenConcurrentlyModified() {
    CoreContext ctx = new CoreContext(ENV, null);
    ClusterFacade cluster = mock(ClusterFacade.class);

    // Setup a mocked config which returns no replica configured
    CouchbaseBucketConfig bucketConfig = mock(CouchbaseBucketConfig.class);
    ClusterConfig clusterConfig = mock(ClusterConfig.class);
    GetClusterConfigResponse clusterConfigResponse = new GetClusterConfigResponse(
            clusterConfig, ResponseStatus.SUCCESS
            Observable.just((CouchbaseResponse) clusterConfigResponse)
    ObserveResponse observeResponse = new ObserveResponse(
            ResponseStatus.SUCCESS, KeyValueStatus.SUCCESS.code(),
            Observable.just((CouchbaseResponse) observeResponse)

    Observable<Boolean> result =
            cluster, "bucket", "id", 1234, false, Observe.PersistTo.NONE, Observe.ReplicateTo.ONE,
        .timeout(5, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
Example 2
Source Project: couchbase-jvm-core   Source File:    License: Apache License 2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
 * Build an {@link ObserveItem} state from a {@link ObserveResponse}.
 * @param id the observed key.
 * @param response the {@link ObserveResponse} received for that key.
 * @param cas the cas that we expect.
 * @param remove true if this is a remove operation, false otherwise.
 * @param persistIdentifier the {@link ObserveResponse.ObserveStatus} to watch for in persistence.
 * @param replicaIdentifier the {@link ObserveResponse.ObserveStatus} to watch for in replication.
 * @throws DocumentConcurrentlyModifiedException if the cas observed on master copy isn't the expected one.
public ObserveItem(String id, ObserveResponse response, long cas, boolean remove,
                   ObserveResponse.ObserveStatus persistIdentifier,
                   ObserveResponse.ObserveStatus replicaIdentifier) {
    int replicated = 0;
    int persisted = 0;
    boolean persistedMaster = false;

    if (response.content() != null && response.content().refCnt() > 0) {
    ObserveResponse.ObserveStatus status = response.observeStatus();

    if (response.status() == ResponseStatus.ACCESS_ERROR) {
        String details = ResponseStatusDetails.stringify(response.status(), response.statusDetails());
        throw new AuthenticationException("The application is not authorized to perform the \"observe\" "
            + "operation, make sure you have read privileges on this bucket: " + details);

    // the CAS values always need to match up to make sure we are still observing the right
    // document. The only exclusion from that rule is when a real delete is returned, because
    // then the cas value is 0.
    boolean validCas = cas == response.cas()
            || (remove && response.cas() == 0 && status == persistIdentifier);

    if (response.master()) {
        if (!validCas) {
            throw new DocumentConcurrentlyModifiedException("The CAS on the active node "
                    + "changed for ID \"" + id + "\", indicating it has been modified in the "
                    + "meantime.", cas);

        if (status == persistIdentifier) {
            persistedMaster = true;
    } else if (validCas) {
        if (status == persistIdentifier) {
        } else if (status == replicaIdentifier) {

    this.replicated = replicated;
    this.persisted = persisted;
    this.persistedMaster = persistedMaster;