Enhances IntelliJ IDEA SVN integration

Development status

Plugin is in strict maintenance mode so no new features are expected only bug fixes and releases for new IntelliJ versions.

Jetbrains plugin repository

Plugin repository page

EAP builds

Add in Settings > Plugins > Browse repositories... > Manage repositories... to receive early access builds.

Architecture decisions record

Decisions are stored here.

Building & running

Using docker compose

Run docker-compose up inside dev-env directory. This will start local svn server on port 13690. Available user account can be examined in dev-env/passwd file.

Default repository URL is svn://localhost:13690/repos.

Next import sample repository into running server from dev-env/repo.

Development builds

If version set in ends with -dev then build datetime in UTC timezone will be appended, current Git hash and For example dev build on 2018-01-13 13:06:12 CET will produce version 173.1.2-dev.20180113.120612.dfea123453

Useful build commands

Release build

gradle clean buildPlugin

Full verification of build

gradle clean check

Quick verification of build

gradle clean test

Update gradlew version

gradle wrapper --gradle-version 4.4.1 --distribution-type ALL

Useful run commands

Run with previous sandbox contents

gradle runIde

Run with fresh sandbox

gradle clean runIde


To debug the plugin execute Gradle run configuration with runIde task using IDE Debug action.


Plugin can log additional diagnostic information to help with issues investigation. All categories can be used in any combination.

Debug logging

Add following line to Help > Debug Log Settings...


Performance logging

Add following line to Help > Debug Log Settings...