GPX Animator


GPX Animator generates video from GPX files. More information can be found at

For program help run:

java -jar GpxAnimator.jar --help

Basic usage

java -jar GpxAnimator.jar --input track.gpx


You can open this project in a preconfigured Gitpod online IDE based on Theia (Visual Studio Code) and edit, run, test, debug and commit directly from your browser.

Open in Gitpod

For your first contribution to this repository, you can take a look at the issues listed here: Good first issue


GPX Animator uses the Gradle build system to create the JAR file. You don't need to have Gradle installed on your system, this project makes use of the Gradle Wrapper.

./gradlew assemble

After a successful build, the JAR file can be found in the build/libs directory.


To start GPX Animator from the sources, simply run the following command:

./gradlew run

If not already done, the project will be compiled automatically.


In the directory src/test/ tests are located that can be run with the following command:

./gradlew test




Icons included in application and their source:

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