JspMyAdmin 2 - A Java Web tool for MySql database administration

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JspMyAdmin 2 is the software for MySql database administration over Web. It provides a user friendly design to manage most of the MySql database administration. Create and Manage database objects (Databse, Table, View etc..) with simple mouse clicks.



  1. Java (>= 1.5 recommended)
  2. Web Server (Apache Tomcat, jBoss etc)


  1. MySql database administration.
  2. Server Information Management.
  3. Database administration includes Database creation, updation and deletion.
  4. Object Management (tables, Views etc..)
  5. User friendly design
  6. Privilese management
  7. Import and Export
  8. Data management
  9. Query Builder and Sql Editor


  1. Customised MVC framework
  2. Annotation mapping
  3. Customised JSP tags
  4. Servlet as Front Controller
  5. Jsp as View
  6. JDBC to connect with Database
  7. A new UI design
  8. Maven support

3rd Party Libraries

  1. Json Library Visit
  2. Apache Common library Visit
  3. Mysql Connector library Visit
  4. CodeMirror Visit
  5. JQuery Visit


  1. version 2.0

    Steps to Deploy JspMyAdmin

    • Download jspmyadmin.war file
    • Deploy it in web server.
    • Launch the jspmyadmin application.
    • Input configuration settings.


Name: Yugandhar Gangu
Email Id: [email protected]

License: Please read LICENCE file