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MediaLoader allow you to enable cache video/audio while playing for any android media player with single line code.


Quick start

Just add dependency (MediaLoader was released in jcenter):

dependencies {
    compile 'com.vincan:medialoader:1.0.0'

and use new url from MediaLoader instead of original url:

String proxyUrl = MediaLoader.getInstance(getContext()).getProxyUrl(VIDEO_URL);


Listen downloading status

Add callback to listen downloading status:

MediaLoader.addDownloadListener(String url, DownloadListener listener)

don't forget to remove listener to avoid memory leaks:

MediaLoader.removeDownloadListener(String url, DownloadListener listener)

Change initial configuration

You can change the default initial configuration with help of MediaLoaderConfig:

        MediaLoaderConfig mediaLoaderConfig = new MediaLoaderConfig.Builder(this)
                .cacheRootDir(DefaultConfigFactory.createCacheRootDir(this, "your_cache_dir"))//directory for cached files
                .cacheFileNameGenerator(new HashCodeFileNameCreator())//names for cached files
                .maxCacheFilesCount(100)//max files count
                .maxCacheFilesSize(100 * 1024 * 1024)//max files size
                .maxCacheFileTimeLimit(5 * 24 * 60 * 60)//max file time
                .downloadThreadPoolSize(3)//download thread size
                .downloadThreadPriority(Thread.NORM_PRIORITY)//download thread priority


Sometimes the MediaLoader doesn't work good in the case of poor network.So pre-download audio/video is a good idea to avoid no sense of waiting. DownloadManager is a good partner of MediaLoader.

Just use DownloadManager.enqueue(Request request, DownloadListener listener) to start and DownloadManager.stop(String url) to stop pre-downloading.

More useful method such as pause,resume and so on are available in DownloadManager.

See API list for more details.



desc API
get MediaLoader instance MediaLoader#getInstance(Context context)
initialize MediaLoader MediaLoader#init(MediaLoaderConfig mediaLoaderConfig)
get proxy url MediaLoader#getProxyUrl(String url)
is file cached MediaLoader#isCached(String url)
get cache file MediaLoader#getCacheFile(String url)
add download listener MediaLoader#addDownloadListener(String url, DownloadListener listener)
remove download listener MediaLoader#removeDownloadListener(String url, DownloadListener listener)
remove download listener MediaLoader#removeDownloadListener(DownloadListener listener)
pause download MediaLoader#pauseDownload(String url)
resume download MediaLoader#resumeDownload(String url)
destroy MediaLoader instance MediaLoader#destroy()


desc API
set cache root dir MediaLoaderConfig.Builder#cacheRootDir(File file)
set cache file name generator MediaLoaderConfig.Builder#cacheFileNameGenerator(FileNameCreator fileNameCreator)
set max cache files size MediaLoaderConfig.Builder#maxCacheFilesSize(long size)
set max cache files count MediaLoaderConfig.Builder#maxCacheFilesCount(int count)
set max cache file time MediaLoaderConfig.Builder#maxCacheFileTimeLimit(long timeLimit)
set download thread pool size MediaLoaderConfig.Builder#downloadThreadPoolSize(int threadPoolSize)
set download thread priority MediaLoaderConfig.Builder#downloadThreadPriority(int threadPriority)
set download ExecutorService MediaLoaderConfig.Builder#downloadExecutorService(ExecutorService executorService)
new MediaLoaderConfig instance MediaLoaderConfig.Builder#build()


desc API
get MediaLoader instance DownloadManager#getInstance(Context context)
start download DownloadManager#enqueue(Request request)
start download DownloadManager#enqueue(Request request, DownloadListener listener)
is download task running DownloadManager#isRunning(String url)
pause download DownloadManager#pause(String url)
resume download DownloadManager#resume(String url)
stop download DownloadManager#stop(String url)
pause all download DownloadManager#pauseAll()
resume all download DownloadManager#resumeAll()
stop all download DownloadManager#stopAll()
is file cached DownloadManager#isCached(String url)
get cache file DownloadManager#getCacheFile(String url)
clean cache dir DownloadManager#cleanCacheDir()


See sample project.
image image


1.What is the default initial configuration for MediaLoader?

config key default value
cache dir sdcard/Android/data/${application package}/cache/medialoader
cache file naming MD5(url)
max cache files count 500
max cache files size 500 1024 1024(500M)
max cache file time 10 24 60 * 60(10 days)
download thread pool size 3
download thread priority Thread.MAX_PRIORITY

Change log

See release notes

Where released

See bintray.com


Any problem?

  1. Learn more from sample.
  2. Read the source code.
  3. New issue.
  4. Contact us for help.


MediaLoader is under the Apache-2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.