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High performance Multithreaded non-blocking Async I/O for Java 8

Simplicity Leads to Purity - Jiro

Xio is a network library used to build high performance, scalable network applications

Full readme and docs coming soon, to see sample uses, take a look at the tests.

working with the codebase


This project uses the following lombok features:

github flow

This project is using github flow:

Source Code Style

xio source code conforms to the standards set forth in the Google Java Style Guide. The following maven plugins maintain the source code standards:

Testing new jdk versions

build the docker image

docker build -t xio-jdk9 .

test the build

docker run --mount type=bind,src=pwd,dst=/home -t xio-jdk9 ./mvnw verify

interactive prompt

docker run --mount type=bind,src=pwd,dst=/home -it xio-jdk9