xFramium - Rapid unified test case development

xFramium is an easy to use test automation framework design around rapid test development for use with native, hybrid, mobile web and desktop browser applications. Write tests using a simple and elegant XML keyword-driven alternative to coding. Use the same test cases on desktop and mobile web browsers. Take advantage of high-performance parallel execution, advanced caching and intelligent device selection algorithms. Easily connect test data from Excel, XML, JSON, CSV, JDBC and more.

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Quick Start


All xFramium documentation is available from the xFramium website under documentation tab.


Refer to the contributing guidelines for contribution instructions, opening issues, standards and development information. Please ensure all code is tested and unit tests and results are included with your pull request.


xFramium development adheres to the the Semantic Versioning guidelines as closely as possible for all release information. All release can be found via the download and release notes section of the xframium.org website.


Thanks to BrowserStack for sponsoring the xFramium initiative! See the results of the xFramium integration tests on the BrowserStack platform below

BrowserStack Status

Copyright and License

Code and documentation copyright 2016 Moreland Labs, Ltd. Code released under the GPL license