xCurator - Semi-Structured Data to Linked Data

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xCurator transforms semi-structured data to linked data by leveraging information from both structure and data of the input sources. It supports both XML and JSON data sources from file, set of files and URLs. It generates mapping file as well as RDF files stored in TDB format.


Getting Started

1- Clone the repository (or download the zip file)

git clone --recursive https://github.com/Aleyasen/xcurator.git

If you don't need to download datasets please clone without --recursive parameter.

2- Run the xcurator.sh (xcurator.bat in windows) in the bin diretory.


Parameter Description
-d,--dir Input directory path
-f,--file Input file (xml/json) path
-h,--domain The generated RDFs will have this domain name in their URIs.
-m,--mapping-file The output mapping file. If none then there will be no mapping file output.
-o,--output Directory of the output TDB
-t,--type Type of the input (xml or json). (default: xml)
-u,--url The URL for the source xml
-s,--steps The curation steps (default: DIOFK)
-eval,--evaluation Evalutate the generated mapping file using ground-truth entities and attributes files
-e,--ent-file Ground-truth entity file for evaluation, use only with -eval option
-a,--attr-file Ground-truth attribute file for evaluation, use only with -eval option
-v,--verbose Verbose output

Curation Steps

The curation steps identifier is a string that specify the steps will run on the input data in order. For example, DOF will perform Duplicate Removal, Intra Linking and Schema Flatting in order.

Step ID Description
D Duplicate Removal
I Inter Linking
O Intra Linking
F Schema Flatting


xcurator.bat -d data/dir -m mapping.xml -h http://xyz.com

Generate mapping.xml for the set of XML files in the data/dir directory.

xcurator.bat -f sample.json -m mapping.xml -h http://xyz.com -t json -o tdb

Generate mapping.xml and tdb directory for the sample.json input file.

xcurator.bat -f sample.json -m mapping.xml -h http://xyz.com -s DF

Generate mapping.xml for the sample.json input file by running only Duplicat Removal and Schema Flatting steps.

xcurator.bat -eval -m mapping.xml -e gEntities.txt -a gAttributes.txt -v

Evaluate mapping.xml file using the provided ground-truth entity and attribute files (gEntities.txt and gAttributes.txt). The -v enable verbose output.