Library which allows to create a bottom navigation view allowing the usage of Lottie views.


allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.wwdablu:lottiebottomnav:x.y.z'

Declare in XML


This would create the LottieBottomNav control. Using it the width and height of the menu items in selected and unselected state of the menu item can be controlled. Also as to whether the text for the menu item will be used for the unselected items can also be controlled using the property menu_text_show_on_unselected.

Creating Menu Items

The LottieBottomNav contains an array of menu items. The process to create a menu item is:

MenuItem homeItem = MenuItemBuilder.create("home.json", MenuItem.Source.Assets, fontItem, "dashboard")

This allows us to create a menu with both the selected and unselected states. The other way to create is from an existing menu item object and then modifying any existing property. Note: Only tag property is not copied.

MenuItem settings = MenuItemBuilder.createFrom(homeItem)

In the above approach properties like autoPlay and loop are of the same value from which it is created.

Creating Text Menu Items

These are used to display the text on the menu item. Now, we can also specify custom fonts too.

FontItem fontItem = FontBuilder.create("Dashboard")
    .selectedTextSize(16) //SP
    .unSelectedTextSize(12) //SP
    .setTypeface(Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(), "coffeesugar.ttf"))

Update a particular menu item

To update a particular menu item with different properties of the menu item, the following approach is needed.

MenuItem cupidMessage = MenuItemBuilder.createFrom(bottomNav.getMenuItemFor(index))

bottomNav.updateMenuItemFor(index, cupidMessage);

This would change the lottie used for the menu item in index and update it to use cupid lottie.


The following callbacks are provided for each of the menu items.

void onMenuSelected(int oldIndex, int newIndex, MenuItem menuItem);
void onAnimationStart(int index, MenuItem menuItem);
void onAnimationEnd(int index, MenuItem menuItem);
void onAnimationCancel(int index, MenuItem menuItem);

It should be noted that if autoPlay is enabled, then it must be noted that onMenuSelected will call onAnimationStart immediately. So it is better to perform quick tasks in these callback and move heavy tasks in separate threads.


The demo video is present inside the demo folder.


Lottie Files
The lottie files used have been taken from https://www.lottiefiles.com/. The lotties files have been developed by the respective developers and I have not created them.

The font has been downloaded from https://www.1001fonts.com/coffee-with-sugar-font.html. I have used them for the purpose of demo.