Flink SQL Submit

Currently, Flink 1.9 doesn't support to submit a DDL statement in SQL CLI, and also doesn't support to submit a SQL script. This is not convenient for walkthrough and demo. That's why I created a such a project.

How to use

  1. Set your Flink and Kafka install path in env.sh
  2. Add your SQL scripts under src/main/resources/ with .sql suffix, e.g, q1.sql
  3. Start all the service your job needed, including Flink, Kafka, and DataBases.
  4. Run your SQL via ./run.sh <sql-file-name>, e.g. ./run.sh q1
  5. If the terminal returns the following output, it means the job is submitted successfully.
Starting execution of program
Job has been submitted with JobID d01b04d7c8f8a90798d6400462718743


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