WSO2 Complex Event Processor (CEP)

WSO2 Complex Event Processor (WSO2 CEP) was created as a mechanism to offer a standalone real-time analytics solution and we now have this capability within WSO2 Data Analytics Server (WSO2 DAS). Try it now!

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Latest Released Version 4.2.0.

Welcome to the WSO2 Complex Event Processor.

WSO2 CEP is a lightweight, easy-to-use, open source Complex Event Processing server. It identifies the most meaningful events within the event cloud, analyzes their impact, and acts on them in real-time. It's built to be extremely high performing with WSO2 Siddhi and massively scalable using Apache Storm. CEP can be tightly integrated with WSO2 Data Analytics Server, by adding support for recording and post processing events with Map-Reduce via Apache Spark, and WSO2 Machine Learner for predictive analytics.


Process data in motion, and analyze in real time.

Template based, configuration driven execution plan design

Support for many transport receivers, including for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Extensible use case driven toolbox support including fraud detection, time series, geo fencing and natural language processing plugin.

System Requirements

  1. Minimum memory - 2GB
  2. Java 1.7 or higher
  3. The Management Console does not support MS IE.
  4. To compile and run the sample clients, an Ant version is required. Ant 1.7.0 version is recommended
  5. To build WSO2 CEP from the Source distribution, it is necessary that you have JDK 1.7 version or later and Maven 3.0.4 or later

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Installation & Running

  1. Download the WSO2 CEP from
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file
  3. Run the or wso2server.bat file in the bin directory
  4. Once the server starts, point your Web browser to https://localhost:9443/carbon/
  5. Use the following username and password to login username : admin password : admin

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Running Samples

WSO2 CEP server can be started with the sample mode To start with sample mode run ./ -sn or wso2cep-samples.bat -sn in the bin directory Example, to run sample 0001: ./ -sn 0001

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For further details, see the WSO2 Complex Event Processor documentation at

Building the product

If snapshot versions of dependent jars are not available or out of date, build the following repositories first before building this repository .

How to Contribute

Contact us

WSO2 Carbon developers can be contacted via the mailing lists: