Welcome to WSO2 Carbon Kernel

WSO2 Carbon Kernel 5 is the core of the next-generation WSO2 Carbon platform.

Carbon Kernel 5 is completely rearchitected from the ground up with the latest technologies and patterns. Additionally, the Carbon Kernel is now a lightweight, general-purpose OSGi runtime specializing in hosting servers, providing key functionality for server developers. The result is a streamlined and even more powerful middleware platform than ever before.


Carbon Kernel is a modular, light-weight, OSGi-based server development framework, which provides the base for developing servers. Eclipse Equinox is used as the OSGi runtime from Kernel 5.0.0 onwards. However, you can plug in any OSGi implementation to your Carbon server. The diagram below depicts the architecture of WSO2 Carbon Kernel and its key components.


Key Features and Tools

Follow the links given below for details of the core capabilities of Carbon Kernel.

Follow the links given below for details of tools, archetypes and other capabilities that can be used for developing Carbon products.

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Getting Started

See the steps for setting up and starting a WSO2 Carbon server.

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