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Workcraft is a cross-platform toolset to capture, simulate, synthesize and verify graph models. It supports a wide range of popular graph formalisms and provides a plugin-based framework to model and analyze new model types. For more information about Workcraft look at

Getting source

Get Workcraft source code and submodules for its platform-specific backend tools (workcraft-dist-template repo) and documentation (workcraft-doc repo):

git clone
cd workcraft
git submodule update --init --remote


Workcraft requires Java JDK 8 or newer for a successful build and is assembled via Gradle. It is tested with both Open JDK and Oracle JDK.

These instructions use gradlew, a wrapper that downloads and runs a relatively new version of gradle. Alternatively a pre-installed version can be used.

Use the assemble task to build the core and all the plugins:

./gradlew assemble


You can run Workcraft directly after building it:

./gradlew run

Note that Workcraft relies on backend tools for some of its functionality and expects them in tools directory by default. Therefore create a symbolic link pointing to the location of the backend tools for your platform. E.g. for Linux:

ln -s dist/template/linux/tools

If you would like to contribute to Workcraft development, then read through the document.