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Wrapping Aztec Android and Aztec iOS in a React Native component


GPL v2

Android: Run the example app

Make sure to have an emulator running or an Android device connected, and then:

$ cd example/
$ yarn clean:install
$ yarn android

This will build the Android library (via gradle) and example app, then launch the main example activity on your connected device and run the Metro bundler at the same time.

iOS: Run the example app

Before being able to run the Example App, you'll need to install Carthage and the dependencies for this project:

cd ios
carthage bootstrap --platform iOS

Then go back to the root directory of the project and do:

$ cd example/
$ yarn clean:install
$ yarn ios

This will compile the example project, launch metro, run the simulator and run the app.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q: The example app doesn't run

A: Make sure you have yarn and babel installed (

Q: The example app gets compiled but ReactNative cannot connect to Metro bundler (I'm on a real device attached through USB)

A: To debug on the device through USB, remember to revert ports before launching metro: adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081

Q: The example app gets compiled but ReactNative shows an error

A: try running, from the root folder in the project

$ cd example/
$ yarn start --reset-cache

Open a new shell window and run either of these depending on the platform:

$ yarn android


$ yarn ios