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A simple app to set your location to anywhere in the world, and improve general phone location privacy.

This app will fake/spoof both your GPS and network location on your phone.

Many apps on your phone won't work without location permissions, and can make repeated and unnecessary location requests in the background throughout the day. Setting your location somewhere else will help to mitigate that and protect your privacy.

The open-source Leaflet map library along with Wikimedia to provide map tiles (OpenStreetMap) are used in place of Google Maps.


Note: this app, or similar apps, are unlikely to fool apps or services that have a legitimate need to determine whether users are actually where they claim to be (gaming, check-in apps etc.), and will likely deploy various anti-spoofing techniques and methods to determine if you are there or not.


The app will guide you through the steps needed.

  1. Developer settings will need to be enabled.

  2. App will need to be set as the mock location app (or 'mock locations enabled' in older Android versions)

For better privacy, or if you're having issues with your real location being exposed, it's best to turn off any options that allow use of WiFi and network to help determine your location.


To contribute, or to report issues please use the Issue Tracker.


Free from ads and tracking.

Map tiles are provided by Wikimedia (Maps Terms of Service), which uses (OpenStreetMap) data.


GPL v3.0


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