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Prometheus Exporter Plugin for Elasticsearch

This is a builtin exporter from Elasticsearch to Prometheus. It collects all relevant metrics and makes them available to Prometheus via the Elasticsearch REST API.

Currently, the available metrics are:

Compatibility matrix

Version 7.X

Elasticsearch Plugin Release date
7.8.0 Jun 22, 2020
7.7.1 Jun 04, 2020
7.7.0 May 14, 2020
7.6.2 Apr 6, 2020
7.6.1 Mar 30, 2020
7.6.0 Feb 12, 2020
7.5.2 Jan 25, 2020
7.5.1 Jan 21, 2020
7.5.0 Jan 16, 2020
7.4.2 Jan 13, 2020
7.4.1 Jan 13, 2020
7.4.0 Jan 07, 2020
7.3.2 Oct 05, 2019
7.3.1 Sep 18, 2019
7.3.0 Sep 17, 2019
7.2.1 Jul 31, 2019
7.2.0 Jul 12, 2019
7.1.1 May 31, 2019
7.1.0 May 23, 2019
7.0.1 May 08, 2019
7.0.0 Apr 11, 2019


./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install -b https://github.com/vvanholl/elasticsearch-prometheus-exporter/releases/download/

Do not forget to restart the node after the installation!

Note that the plugin needs the following special permissions:

If you have a lot of indices and think this data is irrelevant, you can disable in the main configuration file:

prometheus.indices: false

To disable exporting cluster settings use:

prometheus.cluster.settings: false

These settings can be also updated dynamically.


./bin/elasticsearch-plugin remove prometheus-exporter

Do not forget to restart the node after installation!


Metrics are directly available at:


As a sample result, you get:

# HELP es_process_mem_total_virtual_bytes Memory used by ES process
# TYPE es_process_mem_total_virtual_bytes gauge
es_process_mem_total_virtual_bytes{cluster="develop",node="develop01",} 3.626733568E9
# HELP es_indices_indexing_is_throttled_bool Is indexing throttling ?
# TYPE es_indices_indexing_is_throttled_bool gauge
es_indices_indexing_is_throttled_bool{cluster="develop",node="develop01",} 0.0
# HELP es_jvm_gc_collection_time_seconds Time spent for GC collections
# TYPE es_jvm_gc_collection_time_seconds counter
es_jvm_gc_collection_time_seconds{cluster="develop",node="develop01",gc="old",} 0.0
es_jvm_gc_collection_time_seconds{cluster="develop",node="develop01",gc="young",} 0.0
# HELP es_indices_requestcache_memory_size_bytes Memory used for request cache
# TYPE es_indices_requestcache_memory_size_bytes gauge
es_indices_requestcache_memory_size_bytes{cluster="develop",node="develop01",} 0.0
# HELP es_indices_search_open_contexts_number Number of search open contexts
# TYPE es_indices_search_open_contexts_number gauge
es_indices_search_open_contexts_number{cluster="develop",node="develop01",} 0.0
# HELP es_jvm_mem_nonheap_used_bytes Memory used apart from heap
# TYPE es_jvm_mem_nonheap_used_bytes gauge
es_jvm_mem_nonheap_used_bytes{cluster="develop",node="develop01",} 5.5302736E7


Configure the Prometheus target

On your Prometheus servers, configure a new job as usual.

For example, if you have a cluster of 3 nodes:

- job_name: elasticsearch
  scrape_interval: 10s
  metrics_path: "/_prometheus/metrics"
  - targets:
    - node1:9200
    - node2:9200
    - node3:9200

Of course, you could use the service discovery service instead of a static config.

Just keep in mind that metrics_path must be /_prometheus/metrics, otherwise Prometheus will find no metric.

Project sources

The Maven project site is available at GitHub.


Project contains integration tests implemented using rest layer framework.

To run everything similar to the gitlab pipeline you can do:

docker run -v $(pwd):/home/gradle gradle:6.2.1-jdk13 su gradle -c 'gradle check'

NOTE: Please keep version in sync with .gitlab-ci.yml

Complete test suite is run using:

gradle clean check

To run individual test file use:

gradle :integTest \
  -Dtests.class=org.elasticsearch.rest.PrometheusRestHandlerClientYamlTestSuiteIT \
  -Dtests.method="test {yaml=resthandler/20_metrics/Prometheus metrics can be pulled}"


This plugin mainly uses the Prometheus JVM Client.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.